Cartoon Rangoli-a modern way to introduce a traditional Indian art form to children

Hope you are enjoying the amazing variety of fun and out-of-the-box ideas, developed along with our partnerafl_logo to keep kids creative and learning all summer long. Today we chose a simple activity to engage children and introduce them to art in a different way. Drawing is always exciting, especially if it is not with a pencil and not on paper.

In India on most festive days, we decorate the entrance to our home with coloured art on the ground. The patterns usually include flowers, diyas (tealights), peacocks and more. Here we give it a little kiddy twist with their favourite cartoon character, Mickey Mouse rangoli (colour art on the ground).

Age: 7+

You will need:

Different coloured powders
Turmeric powder, Mehendi (Henna) powder, Custard Powder, Sindoor, Coffee powder and white flour
One big round bowl, one small round bowl.

Step 1: In 5 bowls put a tbsp of flour each to make the base of the colours.


Step 2: Now add 1 1/2 tbsp of different colours in the bowl. Turmeric for orange, Mehendi for green, Custard for yellow, Sindoor for pink (add more if you want to make red) and Coffee for brown colour.

IMG_0938 IMG_0940

Step 3: Now that you have the colours ready, chose your canvas on the floor, somewhere near the entrance, but off to one side so it does not get walked over.

Step 4: Place the big round bowl upside down on the floor. Trace its outline with your choice of colour.

IMG_0941 IMG_0942

Step 5: Now place the smaller bowl, again upside down, to make the right ear.


Step 6: Repeat with the left ear.

IMG_0944 IMG_0945

Step 7: Make the smile with a bright colour.


Step 8: Make a small oval nose.

IMG_0947 IMG_0948

Step 9: Two bigger ovals make the eyes.


Step 10: Fill in with small eye balls. Your Mickey Mouse Rangoli is ready.


Benefits: Making home-made colours teaches kids the advantages of making things from scratch that are safe and reliable. Also the use of things like coffee, turmeric and custard powder helps them learn to be imaginative and resourceful. Making the rangoli with bowls will also teach them technique and creativity.

Hope you enjoyed this activity. For more such simple yet creative activities to keep children engaged all summer long, check this out.


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