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Equip yourself with 5 Best Travel Companions for Kids

Travelling with young children is no less than encountering a hurricane. I know, you must be giggling reading the very first sentence, but believe me, any kind of travel (road or air) requires a lot of planning in mom’s head and sleepless nights before and during the travel. Children have set patterns and even a little change in their routine can upset their health and balance. Hence, moms need to keep handful of things with them to ensure children are comfortable and enjoy their vacations to the fullest. I am enlisting 5 best travel companions for children which I have heavily relied upon during my travels with my kid.

 I am enlisting 5 best travel companions for children

1. Feeding cups, Bottles, Sippers and Straws: Especially if you are self-driving, you not want to pull over your car for every water-break. Keep the bottles and the feeding cups ready for your toddlers. And straws just in case you stop over for some fresh coconut water on the roadside. I personally recommend:

Philips avent: Leak-proof, BPA free and they even come with mix and match top and bottoms to go with.  

Chicco: Comes with a soft and flexible spout so ensures no injuries happen, even if there is a jerk. 

Mothercare: Super cute looking, absolutely spill free water bottles are easy to pack and use. 

2. Finger foods and snacks: Meltdowns can happen onboard the best airlines and the shortest road-trips. So make sure you are carrying their comfort snack with them. It could be as simple as their favourite cookies or easy to carry home-made banana cake. Here is what goes into our travel-pack:

 I am enlisting 5 best travel companions for children

M&Ms or Gems have worked very well as they are of different colours so they even distract the children easily from a tantrum. And can be used for easy games with the kids. 

CapriSun juice as it is 100% free of preservatives and have no added sugars.

Dhokla Parantha: Healthy, tasty and easy to carry. 

Indian Ladoos: Again filling, healthy and kid's favourite. 

Moist Cake: Show me a kid who doesn't like cake. Yes see easy to pack-in and finish. 

Slurrp Farm Cookies: Because they are as good as baked at home. No preservatives, made in butter and yummy flavours. 

 I am enlisting 5 best travel companions for children

3. Hands-to-do activities: Handheld puzzles, tiny colouring books, word searches, rubik’s cubes, playing cards are some of the best companions during road travels or those long waiting hours at airport or railway stations. 

Melissa & Doug Water wow Activity: A paintbrush that you can fill water in and your kid can enjoy a spill-proof painting. Sheer magic. 

Viviva Coloursheets: This has been a discovery to say the least. Let the kids enjoy a colourful painting with these spill-free Coloursheets. Even you will love to paint with these. 

Fisher price playing cards which comes in various rang es viz., Animals, Alphabets, numbers etc. You can use them for identification with toddlers and as memory game for younger kids!

Travel Books: It is a good thing to carry books of the cities they are travelling to e.g.: New York is my playground, A B C, The Alphabet from the Sky, India, an Alphabet Ride

 I am enlisting 5 best travel companions for children 4. Travel luggage and travel kit: To give them a sense of journey, let young ones handle their own luggage, be it a small trolley bag or bag pack depending on age.  Take it as your handy check-in baggage or Travel kit with a pair of extra clothes, medicines, sanitizer, diapers and wipes.

Ride-on and Roll-on Cabin Luggage: It is a suitcase and a joy--ride and kid-happy guaranteer. 

Micro Luggage Scooter: You won't believe what this is- a scooter, a trolley with an integrated Sound 2 Go Speaker. 

5. Travel journal: Give young children an idea of what travel journal is all about. This would give them a boost to look around for wonderful things that they can keep in their travel journal and click photos of interesting things around them. And it will keep their memories well preserved.

Now that we are sorted with what to pack, how about where to go. Well Singapore, Huh Hin Thailand, Best Food Cities in India and more. 

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Ar. Shivali Singla Posted on Dec 18, 2017

Thanks for sharing such amazing and helpful tips and tricks over here.


Papri Ganguly Posted on Dec 17, 2017

Awesome tips, these suggestions are quite helpful while traveling with kids.


Jayshree Bhagat Posted on Dec 17, 2017

We definitely must carry all these while travelling with baby


Deepika Verma Posted on Dec 17, 2017

Traveling with kids can get very stressful at times...I loved your suggestions and will definitely share this with my mommy friends


Nisha Malik Posted on Dec 17, 2017

I just have one kid but seriously but travelling with him require a lot of planning or my travel will be a cry. The tips you mentioned are highly useful. I agree we need to engage know daddy during long travels to make it a comfortable travel for all.


Priyanka Patwari Posted on Dec 17, 2017

Awesome tips by you.. these all are really very necessary when with traveling with kids...


Niki Posted on Dec 16, 2017

Lovely review will share with my all friends who are parents .. they will love to knw and glad to read this blog


Nikita Verma Posted on Dec 16, 2017

Wow this is awsum for all parents who travel with kids ... lovely blog and will share with my friends who are parents :)


Nidhi Km Posted on Dec 16, 2017

These are some great suggestions. I like the comprehensive list of categories of items



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