10 hilariously cruel coincidences that all new-parents SURVIVE!

Just when you are about to sit down, precisely at that second your kid’s leg enters your air space and whack, it lands just below your cheekbone. All this is pure innocence or a meticulously planned disaster called Coincidence? Amazingly, we have been braving the same set of cruel coincidences, time after time. Yet we come out unscathed. Here is my list of things that all new-parents will survive :

The potty-calls that happen somewhere between the first and second bite of your meal. Every day. Especially the day you are really hungry or have cooked up something extra special. Your kid’s bowel completely synchronises to the bowl moment on the meal table.

When fever strikes on the very first day of your long-awaited family holiday: You survived the peak summer season without a single bout of flu. Why you even forget your paediatrician’s first name! And then it strikes, an hour after you have checked into a hotel in an alien city and worse, an alien country. International coincidence, anyone?

Your princess changes into an ogre when your judgmental aunt is over: Don’t let anyone judge your child and worse your parenting skills. Try repeating this to yourself, the next time tantrum strikes in the presence of somebody who has judged you since you were not even conceived. Yes, the same person who had a point of view on your complexion, etiquettes, college degrees and your choice of life-partner. Wait till she sees this article and passes the final verdict on you.

sonu imageYour munchkin’s stomach backfires while the plane is on the runway: It could have happened 10 minutes later on arrival at the airport when you are walking in front of a bathroom. Or maybe 10 minutes ago, when you could have dived into the restroom, and saved the mess. But no, the time has to be just right. That one moment when you are a prisoner of your seat and you can do nothing but let the residue fly and land on strangers’ clothes.

Sleep plays hide and seek with your little one while your presentation refuses to automatically complete itself: Coincidently, coincidences do not understand deadlines. So that night before the big presentation, the baby will get high on your love and keep you company till midnight. After that if your laptop battery also goes bust, it will be the perfect icing on your misery.

Your genius learns a bad word and you learn about it at a bad time: D for dog, E for elephant and F for F#$k. Yes, the alphabet and the sound of it is correct, just the word is too incorrect. And boy you could have stopped him from saying it only if you knew. Time is not in your favour sometimes, and this is that time.

You get stumbled upon, while (*pregnant pause*) planning your next child: Wasn’t the kid fast asleep by this time every night. And did you not take turns to ensure you had locked your bedroom door every night. But this had to happen. The coincidence of him awake and your door open. Better lock next time I say.

The perfectionist lands on that curio you intended to pack away for safety: For three years that curio was right there at arm’s length braving one day at a time. Miraculously nothing happened. But the day caution paid you a visit, clumsiness danced on your kids feet. So seconds before you could have packed it off to a safer place, your sweetheart rocks his chair, gets unbalanced and lands …RIP.

The sleepy tot drops a jug full of water on the mattress on the coldest day of the season: On a cold cold night you wrap your quilt tightly over your legs and your munchkin jumps in to kiss you goodnight. The book on your side table gets knocked off and a jug full of water lands on your bed. The kid disappears from your room faster than the warmth from your bed.

Your tiny fuss-creator wants to eat something you munched away just a minute ago: This is what nightmares are made of. After one hour of cajoling the kid gives up on food and you on your patience. 5 minutes later you pop the left-over bite into your mouth and your kid comes looking for it. Try explaining to a 3 year old where the bite went. A determined, cranky and adamant 3 year old.

How can one escape this? Well that is the wrong question. The right one is how do we survive this? Honestly, I don’t know, but we all do, all parents survive. Coincidently that is.

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Sumeet Posted on May 22, 2015

Laugh them away!


P c Posted on May 20, 2015

These coincidences happen in every parents life which bring smile on their face after many many years


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