10 quirky Ideas for a More Enjoyable Motherhood

As you juggle work, home and family, here are some ideas you can use to de-stress, save your sanity and have an enjoyable Motherhood.

Remember that the fast food outlets you so detest, generate employment. Also.
Yes, that is the biggest reason for me to suggest that you order in at least once a week. You getting to spend the evening out of the kitchen is just a very serious side-effect, one that you will survive and come around to enjoy. As for the kids, I hate to break this to you but the smiling faces they show in the advertisements, well they are of real kids. Like yours and mine.

Let go. The kids are as much his as yours.

For all the times he has asked you ‘So what did you do today?’ Well, let him experience that sheer bliss. Regularly. I know you want to spend every awake moment dedicated to your kids but it is his right too. Right to clean, cook, feed, play, read out to, keep an eye on, comfort when crying, in pain or just moody. Just remember ‘enjoyable motherhood’.

There are other mothers who need a break. So take them out.

Honey, this one is for sisterhood. And those moments when you can dress without thinking of the sequins on your dress or the inches below your heels. And getting high on a conversation that excludes words like poop, burp, milk, nap and motherhood, even enjoyable motherhood.

Make the parents feel grand, his and yours

They deserve to be treated to everything they love to do, non-stop, at least once in every ten days. Playing in the park, playing in the playarea, playing during nap-time, playing during meal-time, study-time and quiet time. I am aware, you would love to extend their ‘happy hours’ but alas they might crash early. Try and get through the evening with some wine, movies and peace.
Indulge your kids, till they say ‘no more’

Remember all the family get-togethers where you were the centre of unwanted questions. Those endless smirks, gentle taunts, frowns and sometimes tears. Why do you think they raised such a storm? Because they really, like realllyy wanted to spend time with your kids. You owe it to them. And to your ‘enjoyable motherhood’ pledge.

Spare the kids the horror of shopping 

Remember how much you hated trudging along with your mother from one shop to the other. Yes, that. Do it for them. Invest in a membership of a good play area or a children’s museum in your favourite mall. If you finish your shopping too early, then head for a movie, massage or just mocha with some cheese cake. After all you would not like to rush your munchkins.

Don’t let your greed to spend all your time with them, hamper their growth
Accept playdate invites more often than not. Especially when you have a day-off at work. They need to flock together with birds of their own age, under strict adult supervision, only sometimes yours. What will you do with the spare time? Tough question, I say.

Give them the tools to survive the technology-era

Our kids are going to be immersed in technology, there is no escaping it. Use it judiciously and to your advantage. I know there are experts out there who recommend yadi yadi ya. But if the kids get 30 mins on the tablet and you get dinner on the table all with your sanity intact, then I say more power to you and to an enjoyable motherhood.

sonu imageAllow yourself to fall ill, once a month. At least. 
It is a crash course to ‘grow up and take charge’. It is a favour that will shape your kids into responsible citizens of tomorrow. In case they are young, it will be a sweet excuse for your in-laws to visit and feel in control. Force yourself to catch up on some sleep, books and friends.

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Dollie Posted on Jul 21, 2018

That\'s a smart answer to a tricky qusieton


tripat Posted on Jan 27, 2015

God they are hilarious. I agree with most of them especially the father and grandparents

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Fayaz Posted on Jan 17, 2015

I can't agree less, parents along with the children must enjoy this phase of life... It is so very critical.


Joyce Posted on Jan 16, 2015

these are really great ideas with good reasons to back them up. My kids are older but I can use them when I have grand kids. Thanks for the thoughts. I will comment back www.oldefashionmom.com

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M d Posted on Jan 14, 2015

Yes yes grandparents is a great option


Pam Posted on Jan 01, 2015

When mother and father want to have good time they should send the children to their grand parents .

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m Posted on Jan 01, 2015

What about fathers? Mothers surely deserve a good time too.


Sumeet Posted on Dec 31, 2014

Basically mummy wants to have a good time!


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