10 things Moms hate to hear about their baby!

People can be insensitive, me included. But stupid, well that is another story all together. Before you agree to disagree with me, read the following statements that some parents shoot at others, all the time:

1) Oh, how cute is your baby, looks just like your husband!

2) Still in nappies? We toilet trained ours since day one.
3) Don’t pamper your baby too much, you will spoil her.

4) Oh he is a boy. Baby boys always pick up things a bit slowly.
5) Let them cry a little, it is good for their lungs.
6) Make the baby sleep in the other room, it will make her independent.
7) Wow, you have a daughter. When are you planning your next baby?
8) She looks really tall for her age, how will you find her a husband?
9) So cute. I love the way your baby sleeps on his stomach, my poodle also sleeps on its belly.

10) Can’t you leave your baby with your maid and come for the party?
If you have heard something worse, do share it with us at KetchupMoms.

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