4 Smart Phone Hacks When Your iPhone Says Memory Full

I love technology. This does not mean I understand it. So I kind of surprised myself with my own ‘discovering’ powers, when I chanced upon these Smart Phone Hacks.

Yes, I was in the picturesque Palampur, a quaint town in Himachal Pradesh, India, stuck with a 16 GB iPhone that would not let me click. I had deleted the unwanted pictures, trashed some not so useful apps to make more space, but all this was of no help. Every time I said “smile” to my subject of interest- children and husband, the phone flashed “memory full”.

I thought it was referring to my brain but sadly things were more serious here. After all what pictorial evidence would I have of the lovely places I was going to visit, the food I was going to discover and the people I was going to meet? And forget everything else what about the special moments and memories of my munchkins’ holidays? And you thought motherhood is simple.


And then I cracked it, one after the other, in the most testing times. The iPhone memory had to make space for my photos:

WhatsApp: This is your friend, indeed. Just open the app and WhatsApp the pictures to your friend or family. All the pictures automatically get saved in your memory (yes the full memory). Of course it has its own limitation there, I think I managed some 15 pictures to one friend and then another 15-20 to another friend before it gave up on me.

Facebook: If you want to share the picture on the spot, just open your FB, click and upload. Or don’t upload. Just click the picture and choose not to upload, it automatically gets saved to your memory again. I am sure I managed some 20 odd ones on this too.

Twitter: The same trick I used on FB, worked on my twitter too and I was smiling through another 15-2o snaps.

Messenger: The pictures are not very easy to click and seem a little overstretched or rather horizontal-friendly. But I am not really complaining because I get to review my hotel thanks to the 30 pictures I clicked through it. The only downside of this one is that you have no option but to send the picture (so choose your receiver carefully, in my case it was my partner).

Technology made my life easier. What are your simple tech hacks that you swear by?

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