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5 beautiful Hindi books for your kids

Hindi is spoken by almost 500 million people worldwide. A book on Lord Krishna by the name of 'Prem Sagar', is considered to be the first book published in Hindi. Hindi is phonetic, it is pronounced the way it is written and has some lovely 'Kathas' wanting to befriend your kids. So here is a list of five hindi books that my 5 yrs old twins absolutely recommend.

Hindi books Ketchupmoms
1) Title: Ek Mein Do
Author: Gulzar
Illustrator: Anjanta Guha Thakurta
Publisher: Scholastic
Review: When the master of words, poetry and story; Gulzar, writes something for the kids, it is bound to be priceless. This book is a poetic read about different parts of the body. This is a fun game to teach the kids about our two hands and ears and more. And also what each body part is capable of doing. Easy to read and fun to reread.

2) Title: Rasta Chodo, Rasta Chodo

Author: Uma Krishnswami
Illustrator: Uma Krishnswami
Publisher: Tulika
Review: The illustration catches you before the name and the story. But when you read the simple yet powerful story of Tree and development co-existing, you know this is a great find. Both the Uma's have come together to showcase how we don't need to build a new world by uprooting the old one. Also the illustrations are unique, fun and showcase India in all its element. Pick it now.

Hindi books Ketchupmoms
3) Title: Rang Rangi Kamini
Author: Radhika Chaddha
Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan
Publisher: Tulika
Review: his is a tale of an underdog. A chameleon kid who's unable to perfect the art of camouflage finally finds her calling. This colourful story also gives a peek into the Jungle life and the everyday issues. This is one fun book to have in your library.

4) Title: Baavre Beej

Author: Vishakha Chanchani
Illustrator: Angelin & Upesh Pradhan
Publisher: Tulika
Review: Kids are curious souls and they have so many questions. Well this book surely takes care about seeds, soil and the fun of growing plants. The illustrations are colourful and animated to keep the kids excited. Go green with this one.

5) Title: Panchtantra Ki Khaniyaan
Author: Suveer Kaul
Illustrator: Bindiya Thapar
Publisher: Scholastic
Review: The old stories have been repackaged in a beautiful and kid-friendly way. The illustrations are impressive and four of the best stories have found its way into this. My childhood favourite 'Magarmach ke Aansoon' is a must read. These stories were best remembered for the 'Moral of the story', and can teach kids a thing or two. Order your copy now.

We at KetchupMoms, are constantly discovering and falling in love with new books, stories and characters. And we would love to share these with you. Please write to us, if there is a book you would like to introduce us too.

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Johnette Posted on Jul 21, 2018

Thanks for your thhuogts. It\'s helped me a lot.


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