5 Devices for Safe Drinking Water, Anywhere, Anytime

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Travelling  has its perks but finding safe drinking water everywhere, is not one of them. And now that we have literally become a family on the loose, my biggest concern is hygiene for kids. Clean bathrooms, effective hand wash and safe food and water. So today I am sharing with you 5 devices that help you sip on safe water anywhere and anytime. 

1) Lifestraw

In 1994, Lifestraw's parent company Vestergaard developed a cloth filter the could remove Guinea worm larvae from water, hence Saving thousand lives. Only in 2005 did they make the ground-breaking personal straw-like-filters. An individual could sip water practically straight from the natural sources like lakes, rivers etc through these straws to enjoy contamination-free-water. Yes say bye-bye to packing those pet bottles on your off-road trip.

                                         Portable Drinking Water : KetchupMoms

2) Life sack

Can you imagine the packaging of food grain to double up as Solar Water Purifier? Well designers 
Jung Uk Park, Myeong Hoon Lee, and Dae have invented just that. It is simple, you get this grain sack and use up the grains. Once empty you fill it with water and wait for 6 hours for water to be purified through SODIS technology- UV radiation and thermal treatment. This kills all bacteria and other water-pollutants. 

3) Cycloclean water purification system

This idea by Nippon Basic company can literally pedal itself to the remotest villages and towns in the world. Yes, to purify water all you need is a bicycle, when you pedal the purification system attached to the pedals, kicks in. So one can pedal to the water resource, pull water through the attached hose and pedal. The water then travels to the container through multi micro-filtration membranes. And you get pure drinking water. 

4) Steripen: the portable, handheld UV water purifier.

UV Light is considered most effective water purifying technology for delivering 99.9% clean water. And this is what makes handheld Steripen, such a rage with travellers. These easy to carry Steripens are reusable and can last for more than 7 years. All you have to do is stir the water with a Steripen and wait for a signal from its inner timer, for a go ahead to drink water.

                                          Portable Drinking Water

5) Ooho - Edible Drinking Water
What if you could find a water bottle that you can eat water from and even consume its packaging? Yes, a seaweed-tech company in London, Skipping Rocks Lab, has invented just that. Now all you need to do is carry these small water balls with you and pop one whenever thirsty. These are lighter than your PET bottles and easy on the planet.

Aren't all these devices so exciting? And I am wondering why I haven't bought one of these yet. So while I zero in on the one that I want for my next trip, you can have a look at our Travel with Kids through Indian blogs:

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Comments (4)

Bulbul Varma Posted on Jul 07, 2018

Would love to try the Lifestraw product


Bulbul Varma Posted on Jul 07, 2018

All the products are great but I would like to try the Lifestraw


Prerna Sinha Posted on Jul 06, 2018

Water is very important to health so these products are definitely very helpful. Thankyou


Ishieta Posted on Jul 05, 2018

Excellent devices. safe drinking water is the need of the hour and it is great to have such portable options.


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