5 Fun and Unique Ways to Destress

I remember wanting to grow up as fast as I could. I thought with age came the right and freedom to do what we like. Little did I realise that stress is a side-effect of all this growing up and being responsible and being independent. It settles into your life silently, like plaque in your arteries. It slowly engulfs you, like smoke. And then you start living with it, till, you become a mother. Yes, then you realise you are suffering and unknowingly passing on the stress to your kids. Every time you yell, you scold, you criticise, you punish your kids, it is your stress eclipsing logic and patience. And this is when we need fun and unique ways to destress.

We need it, especially now that the kids are going back to school. Don’t we love to panic about things we have planned and gone over again and again. Their school bags, their i-cards, their eating habits, waking rituals and so on. We need to unwind and de-stress now, like never before. Ya, ya I know you have tried spa, the calming-oils, yoga, laughter-clubs and more. But how about fighting this stress in a different and fun way. Here are the 5 top ways I want to deal with it:

1) The Venting Place in Akihabara, Tokyo: Imagine a place where you can just smash some things and free yourself of anger and stress. After all isn’t it therapeutic to rid our minds by expressing unhappiness, than just pretending it is not there? In 2009, Akihabara gifted Tokyo with the unique Venting Place. For a price you can just enter this place, break things and not be bothered about the cleaning-up. Wow if this is not fun, what is?

2) calm.com: Sometimes sitting in a meeting trying to understand the jargon of words, I secretly wished to be in a sunflower field, running bare feet and soaking up the free air. It never happened because I was the bonded labour of the corporate ambitions. I wish I had discovered https://www.calm.com then. It feels surreal staring into an ocean of calmness while being locked up in everyday battles of survival. It will rejuvenate you in an unexplained way. Like someone has taken a stone off your heart. Try it for a soul-healing moment.

3) Punching Bag: All you need is this punching bag and a photograph of the stress-source in your life. Your ex, your boss, your mean relative or just your helper who is never around to help you. And then enjoy a work-out of your lifetime, one where you lose not just your calories but even your stress. Order it at www.alibaba.com.

4) Beating heart pillow: To quote the makers “Our hearts naturally begin to dance and sync with the hearts of other we hold or hug. This is a phenomenon we have observed for ages. Hugging the Beating Heart a few minutes allows the calm and dreamy beat to relax the body, ease the mind, and cajoles the spirit.” When stressed, don’t we all crave for a hug, a touch? This is what this little beating heart does for you. Read more on this here www.mybeatingheart.com

5) Play a board game: For most of these you do not even need anything or anyone except your own company. You can play this mindlessly or you can try to beat yourself with some clever moves. Either way it is sure to keep you busy and heal your broken soul.

So I am going to surely be very busy tending to my broken heart, healing my slaughtered-soul or just taming an inflated ego. How are you going to make yourself smile?

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Justus Posted on Jul 21, 2018

What a pleasure to find someone who ideitifnes the issues so clearly


Pragati Gusmano Posted on Aug 24, 2015

The venting place sounds like so much fun! LOL what a great concept :)

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