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5 minute Craft with Ribbon and Ice-cream Stick for Kids

If you have been following my articles, you probably saw my twins and me make the Christmas Tree by recycling empty cartons. Or the Bird-house with Tetra Pak cartons. And our favourite Lemon Scarecrow. Yes we love Craft at our place. And the 5-minute crafts are our favourite, like this Ribbon and Ice-cream Stick Craft. We made Christmas Trees and beautiful flowers. 

like this Ribbon and Ice-cream Stick Craft.  like this Ribbon and Ice-cream Stick Craft.

First let us count the benefits of Arts and Crafts with Kids:

1) Fine Motor Coordination: A craft that requires kids to cut and paste, helps develop fine motor coordination for precision.

like this Ribbon and Ice-cream Stick Craft.

2) Imagination Fuelling: When you are given limited tools and asked to create anything, your brain and mind works overtime to put together something creative. This fuels imagination and compels one to use his/her intelligence to simply CREATE.

3) Solution Hunting: Give your kids limited tools and see their problem-solving abilities soar.

4) Patience: Crafts may require the kids to colour, paint, paste and then wait before heading to the next step. This teaches kids the art of being patient. 

5) Achievement: Nothing fills you with pride like creating and putting together something on your own. Even a Play dough train can give that feeling to the kids.

Ribbon and Ice-cream Stick Christmas Tree and Flowers:

What we need:

Thin Satin Ribbon Roll

A pair of scissors

Gun Glue or Fabric glue

Decorative buttons, mirrors, stick-ons

Ice-cream sticks


like this Ribbon and Ice-cream Stick Craft.

For the Christmas Tree: 

1) Use plain or Glittered Ice-cream Stick.

2) Cut the Ribbon into two 13 cm strips.

3) Place the Ice-cream Stick on the table, now take the centre of the ribbon and paste it on the stick (on the lower part of the stick), as shown in the picture.

4) Now make the bow, by folding in both the sides of the ribbon.

5) Repeat to make another bow above this one.

6) Now stick a small circle or star shaped object on the top part of the stick. Now embellish the bow and the top part and your Tree is ready.

For the Flower:

like this Ribbon and Ice-cream Stick Craft.

1) Place the Ice-cream Stick on the table. 

2) Cut Ribbon into 5-6 13 cm. strips.

2) Now on the one end of the stick paste one-end of the Ribbon.

3) Now top it with the end of another Ribbon and repeat with each strip.

4) Now fold the first strip and paste it back to make the first petal. Now repeat with each strip of Ribbon to complete the circle.

5) Now embellish the centre of the flower with a button or a stick-on. We loved placing the butterfly stick-on.

6) Make as many as you wish.

Till we meet again, Happy happy Year ahead!

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Veena Posted on Jan 05, 2018

These are truly beautiful and so easy


Sumita Posted on Dec 27, 2017

This is an amazing DIy and its easy to do it


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