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5 Useful tips for a Normal Delivery

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey for a woman and the more beautiful is the natural way of giving birth to a child. It is a gift of a Nature. However, nowadays this natural way of giving birth to a baby is getting substituted by many other alternative ways. The most common reason which is associated with the adoption of the alternate methods for childbirth is the fear of unbearable pain during the labor. However, a normal delivery should always be preferred as it is good for both mother and her baby. After all, a human body has been designed in such a way that it can tolerate the pain during the childbirth. In addition, certain health practitioners too emphasis on other methods of childbirth rather than giving more priority on the normal delivery.

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Generally, we all search for the tips on how to get pregnant fast, but we never focus or give priority on some useful tips for giving Normal delivery. Hence, certain complications arise at the end of the third trimester, which leads to the decision of choosing an alternate method for childbirth. Therefore, we have brought some useful tips for a Normal delivery to you so that you can use them during your pregnancy period and can increase the chances of giving a normal birth to your child.

1. Be positive and avoid negative birth stories

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It is very common that experienced mommies share their childbirth experiences at the time when a pregnant woman is going to approach her due date. These experiences are good as well as bad. So, do not get worried after listening to the bad experiences. Stay positive and avoid listening to the negative birth stories as it may create nervousness in your mind. Always remember, not every mother experiences the same labor. Also keep yourself away from the topic where the discussion is all about the pain and discomfort while giving birth through normal delivery.

2. Gather knowledge about childbirth

According to the research and studies, the expectant mother who gathers information and knowledge about the childbirth or even attends childbirth classes tend to have more chances of giving normal delivery. Therefore, get yourself familiar with the process of giving birth to a child in a natural way.

3. Eat Healthy diet

A healthy and a nutritious diet is not only good for you as well as for your little one who is growing rapidly inside your womb. A healthy diet plays an important role in keeping your pregnancy healthy and complication-free. It gives you the strength needed at the time of labor. Hence, do not skip any of your meal and stay healthy. Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits which give you the required nutrition especially, iron and folate, which will prevent you from being anaemic post-delivery.

4. Exercise / Practice prenatal Yoga regularly

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The physical exercise is good during the pregnancy. Therefore, if you practice prenatal yoga or kegel exercise, it will help you during the labor, as it will not only give you the strength but also makes your pelvic area flexible enough to handle normal delivery.

5. Keep yourself Stress-Free and Relaxed

Although, it is a known fact that during pregnancy stress hits the mind by and then. However, it is always advised to keep yourself stress-free and relaxed so that you can enjoy your healthy pregnancy to the fullest. Keep yourself engaged in your favorite hobbies, go for a maternity photo shoot, listen to a good music, chat with your friends, etc. The more you are free from stress, the more chances of normal delivery.

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If we go for some interesting facts associated the normal delivery of a child, you will get to know that the babies who took birth in a natural way have a stronger immune system as compared to the others as they receive more protective bacteria from the birth canal. Secondly, it is a healthier option for both mother and a baby as the chances of medical reactions are very less. And last but not the least, the recovery time post-delivery becomes shorter as the mother need not have to undergo any sort of numbness and incision. For awesome. 

Also remember New Motherhood can always be a tad bit demanding, so don't forget to ask for help. Also get used to these funny things that you would hear often by people around you about your baby and you. And most importantly don't forget to choose a Birthing Partner to make delivery a smooth experience. 

This is a Guest Post Article by Akansha Bansal, the founder of a popular Parenting websites Budding Star, as part of our Wednesday Wellness Series. It is an original content provided by her. We would love to hear back from you. 

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Snigdha Prusti Posted on Jun 29, 2018

Very helpful tips you have shared.. Staying positive throughout the journey is really important.


Papri Ganguly Posted on Jun 29, 2018

You shared some really helpful tips for normal delivery. This article should be read by all new moms to be


Prerna Sinha Posted on Jun 28, 2018

Delivery and a new baby is all so overwhelming for new moms. I am sure new moms will find a lot of solace in this post.


Jiya Posted on Jun 28, 2018

I hadboth my delivery normallly. I would say staying away from stress and excersise is really important for you. Stress creats lot of other issues because of them problems leads to C Section.


Jhilmil D Saha Posted on Jun 28, 2018

This is a very nice informative post on normal delivery and how to be prepared for that.


Priyanka Posted on Jun 27, 2018

Yes you should take care of food, diet and exercise but feel free to move, relax and live life. We should celebrate the beginning of new. Bond and should not consolidate ourselves in the name of pregnancy. This will definitely lead to more normal birth.