7 Hacks for festive season to keep you sane

I do feel that Thanksgiving should be on 1st January with half the day dedicated to mothers. Yes it is almost the need after the most hectic aka festive season, where much of our targets are achieved and yet there is no promotion to look forward too. Suddenly there is so much more to pack into a day. And it is all on a roll – Thanksgiving, Eid, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, New Years and so on. The celebrations literally come bombarding our front doors, especially with all of us going global and adopting the best of each other’s culture and religion. Precisely why we need tried and tested Hacks for the festive season!

If you want to keep your sanity and celebrate with the family and not slog the festive season away, do yourself these little favours:

Say yes to Pot-luck gatherings: Sacrifice your love for cooking, baking or hosting, even if the gorgeous Nigella Lawson is on your guest list. This is not the time to show your culinary supremacy or impress with your cultural food-richness. This is the time for crowd-sourcing. Trust me when you see a room full of happily fed people, without feeling the weight of cooking on your tiny feet, you’ll feel the festivity or the arrival of the festive season.

Use some extra hands, for free: Why do you think there is an official holiday for most of these festivals? Simply, so that your husband cannot fake a meeting and your kiddos can’t hide behind their homework. Divide and distribute – have an errand boy or girl, a helper with the measuring cup or chopping, grating or just packing or laying the table. This is also the time to encourage art-craft sessions at home – settle for modern rangoli (like a dash of colour here, there and everywhere types), hand-made cards, creative even if bizarre gift wrapping ideas. Your kids can handle your dates, menus and even the cleaning!

Let fast food come to your rescue quickly: Stop thinking healthy, and counting the dreaded calories when deciding your party menu. Rip open frozen food packets and arrange a feast or better still get things home delivered. If you don’t cook, there is nothing to clean!

Use and throw: Pack in your bone china and borrow your kid’s use and throw party cutlery. Yes the spoons and forks too, or be prepared to lose them in dozens as they accompany the plates to the dustbin.

Jump on an invite: This is one of the best ways to survive or should I say the best hack of the festive season. Accept invitations. All you got to do is dress up and land up at the venue. No menu planning, no decor setting, no cleaning next day. In fact get yourself invited to the party of the most reluctant host, who is always a ready-guest.

Forget elaborate, keep it simple: If you must celebrate at your own home, keep it small. Choose and invite only very close friends and family. Either choose elaborate snacks and simple mains or simple snacks and elaborate mains.

Go for a holiday: This is not a mistake. I mean it. Go for a holiday during the busiest part of your festive season. It will be Nirvana on a different level.

If you want to know more about the upcoming Indian festival Diwali, hop over to Multicultural Kids Blogs to join in with the celebrations! Click here to find what others have to share this month!

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Prerna Sinha (@maaofallblogs) Posted on Jan 22, 2016

Like your suggestions. They are offbeat and interesting. Only thing my kids were very unhappy when we travelled during the festive season, as they did not want to miss festivals. So holiday during festive time will be a challenge in future :)


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