7 reasons water can make your skin go tock-tick

"Is there an elixir for a younger skin?" most often than not my clients inquire about this with me. Some are amazed by my answer, while others look at me with disbelief. Truth be spoken, the answer is water. Yes you need a good beauty and wellness regimen with this too. But a truly happy and nourished skin has its roots deep within water drops. 

And why are we talking about this during monsoons you ask. Because as the sun hides behind the clouds, so does our thirst. We don't sweat that visibly. We don't have parched throats. We don't feel hot enough to reach out to that glass of life. And this is when our skin gets neglected and dry. Don't confuse oily skin with nourished skin (more on that in another article I promise). Keeping skin well hydrated can take years off your skin. Here are 7 reasons, why you should believe us: 

- Just like the cells of other organs, a major part of skin cells are also made of water. And this water needs to be refiled every now and then to maintain the PH balance of our skin.

- A lesser known fact is that the skin is the last organ to get the water we drink. It therefore becomes necessary to moisturise it from outside too. So use water based creams or hydrate the skin with natural fruit masks like cucumber masks. 

- Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles. Deep moisturising with natural ingredient-based products is a good wellness & beauty regimen. But a good intake of water (8-10 glasses) helps prevent sagging of skin.


- Washing your face with cold water unclogs the pores and thus prevents breakouts and acne. Yes this is a natural detoxifying agent.

-Water has so many tricks up its glass, cleaning, detoxifying and beauty remedies. Did you know using cold packs under the eyes helps in reducing the under eye puffiness-a gift of modern lifestyle.

-Having a nice lukewarm bath can destress skin. But make sure you don't bath longer than necessary so that the natural oils of the body are preserved.

-And yes I always suggest as a hot steam bath/sauna to detoxify and tighten the skin for a that golden sheen and enviable younger looking you. 

Keep drinking. H20! What were you thinking? 

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Dhianchand Posted on Sep 08, 2017

Very nice tips

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