Musical Potty Chairs – flush that idea

It just comes so naturally to all of us that any discussion about it gets flushed in our minds itself. The only time we really say the word is when something goes wrong “S#!t”. But enter parenthood and it is smeared all over. Relax, just our talks. The nappy talks, the nappy-changing-turn talks, the rash talks, the rash-cream talks. And then come the “Are they potty trained talks?”.

Days, months and sometimes even years before the Playschool staff, your mother-in-law and even your mother start these shitty talks. You can literally see them standing on the dais and giving a winner’s speech “We started potty training you when you were just 3 months old. When you turned one you were doing it all by yourself. And we did this for universal peace”. Forget the kid’s tummy pressure, you as a mom start feeling the pressure cooker whistle on your head. And it will be just days or weeks before you go sprinting through shops looking for the perfect poopoo-starter-throne for your prince/princess.

So no second guessing that under such pressure you might pick up the best but not necessarily the most practical Potty seat in town. From best I mean something that looks good and colourful. Trust me when I say that, because I bought musical potty chairs for my kids. What was I thinking? Maybe I took the “kids love musical chairs“ a tad too seriously. Yes, my efforts and money went down the drain, read on and save yours.

Here are my tips on how to pick the best potty seat/chair for your kid:

1) Pick according to the age:
Honestly if you are not planning to start before the first year, go for the potty seat. The kids are able to support their body weight, so just place the potty seat on the commode and read a story to them. Yes that is mostly how it starts, read a story, play a video on a smart phone or a tablet. Oh and it makes them so Papa like and all grown up sitting on the big chair but with their special seat. If you still want to go for the potty chair it is your choice of course.

For less than one year yes a potty chair is a better fit:
They have just started to balance their neck well and support is the word their life revolves around. So give them some more with these cute chairs with back support and side
walls too.

2) Detachable potty and Splash guards are a must whether you buy a potty chair or a potty seat
Remember your little ones are just discovering the joy of openness. No diapers means almost no boundaries. Especially with the boys, be ready for those accidental and not so innocent fountain trails making their way out of the pot. So look for splash guards, that are big and easy to clean.
Also look for a potty seat which has the centre part detachable to take off and wash. You don’t want to be stuck with a giant to wash after every ‘try and practice’ session.
If it comes with a lid, even better, it is poo poo not a piece of art you will be staring back at.

There is so much choice out there in terms of the material too, but go for something easily washable and quick-dry.

3) Simple and Safe
No matter how much you love your kids their poo poo is not something you want to wear on your sleeves or even on your bathroom tiles. So keep it simple to handle. Also if you pick something like a simple one piece potty seat, it can also go from room to room with you.
Most importantly it should be a safe design. You do not want anything that can complicate your kids life worse jeopardise it. Look for anti-skid and stable made of smooth material.

4) Hygienic and Easy to clean
In potty seats go with those that have side handles to lift and fit on the commode.
You will need to guard against crevices or leak points in the design. If your hand can’t reach every part of the chair/seat, don’t buy.

Choose a material that is washable and does not have the tendency to absorb water.

5) Stay away from anything that can get your kids too excited.
Please remember it is a potty seat/chair, eventually you want your kids to spend as little time as possible with it. So I would suggest don’t start a love story here. Finding Nemo, Barbie, Superman designs are fine but Car replicas, Attached steps, Piano attachments and Musical Chairs are a big no!!I hate to remember
how my twins would want to get up and take a look at their achievement every time the song kicked in. The worst was yet to come. After the third or fourth wash the music stopped working. It’s impossible to keep water out of a potty chair. All hell broke loose, no music meant tantrums, fiddling and fresh training. Also I found it to be more of a distraction than helpAs for the fancy shapes, can you imagine what will happen if your kid decides to take that poo-poo-filled car shaped chair for a ride, Aagggghhhh! Oh and do not even get me started on the ones with light. I mean who even thought of that and why?

6)Travel light sonu image
Again potty seats win over potty chairs. Easy to handle, clean and do not take up much space. You also get ones with disposable bags. Of course if you still insist on carrying the caravan the marketing guys made the portable ones just for you.

7)The Price-less advice
This is not a trophy that will hang on your wall for generations to see. So save up. Go easy with money.

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Inder Mohan Bali Posted on May 01, 2015

Once the little ones get out of potty stage these implements become collector items in the attic, five grandchildren later 18 to 8 these collector items still lie in the roof space, any suggestion of giving them away (wherever) in not taken as a kind thought by the grand mum Dadu Sent from my iPad >

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Inder Mohan Bali Posted on May 01, 2015

Once the little ones Sent from my iPad >


Sumeet Posted on Apr 30, 2015

Nice funny article. Agree with it.


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