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It is in the first six months of your Motherhood that you buy the world for your newborn. Then you wise up. Just anything you lay your eyes on is no longer good enough for your precious one. There is a whole range of quality checks and analysis that goes into every piece of clothing, toy and food, Mother’s eye and instinct being the more important ones. Pure fabrics like cotton, organic colours, safe and tested toys and games, if these top your checklist, then rejoice. Sucre d’Orge & Cie has just opened its first store in Select City Mall, Delhi.


What if you are new to baby shopping?

When I met the owner of Sucre d’Orge & Cie, I realised he was a mother under that ‘Father’s skin’. I can explain, he wasn’t one of those cute baby loving and diaper-changing fathers we know. He is a step ahead, he knew things like why comfort clothing, why baby sleeping bags should double up as changing mats, why organic dye, why cotton clothes for summers, why toys with little or no fur and even why belts as designs and not accessories (hmm he knew it took precious 30 seconds extra to get a toddler out of that)? Let’s hope he has passed on his knowledge and skills to his staff. Because it makes this outlet a great place to pick up baby gifts, even if you were buying for someone else’s.

Unique to Sucre d’Orge & Ciesonu image

For those of you who know it as the largest Baby Gifts and Apparel brand in France, the good news is that their adorable Doudous are also available in the store. For others, Doudou is the inseparable companion (dolls) for your munchkins, a cuddly result of years of research by the company. Back in France, they even have an emergency service where lost or damaged Doudou is replaced within 72 hours (well we’ll have to wait for that one yet). They are known to provide emotional comfort to the babies.

Why dress your summer their way?

Hmm, the summer collection is well, classy yet comfortable. The colours are soothing and very European. So you have bottle green, pale orange, baby pink spread around the store in different designs. Most of the clothes had a ‘75% or above cotton’ label. There shoes seemed attractive although there was no way I could fit into those in order to vouch for that. And if you are looking for baby caps this summer, head to Sucre d’Orge & Cie, Saket.

What is so special about their gifts?

Un-breakable and safe, more so because they are painted with organic colours. The piggy bank, the throw-shadow lamp-shade, the carousel, the Doudou, the baby sleeping bags and their entire collection of clothes is patented and thus unique. And in an era where most of the brands, yes even some big American baby fashion brands are charging us 10Rs a bag (On like a shopping of 10k), Sucre d’Orge & Cie have a free gift wrapping station. Believe it or not, this is true and done in the most creative way possible for a child loving company like theirs.

And that is not all. If you want to have the most personalised baby shower in town, they will be happy and helpful. You could even select an array of gifts and mail the list to your friends and family and they will assist your guests in picking the one that suits their taste and budget. Damn, I popped too early, I think.

Is it worth it?

How personalised you want your baby shopping experience to be, is your choice. Some love it casual and some love it really planned to the last stitch. As a mother I am happy to shop for safe, comfortable yet stylish baby essentials. So while Zara could be where you pick up your party formals, this could surely fit in between your Tommy, Nautica, Gant and your mid level Mothercare and UCB. Personally for me the colours at Sucre d’Orge & Cie definitely tilt it in its favour. As for the baby gifts, they are cute, different and pick-up worthy. The only thing I felt was a need for them to increase the variety.

KetchupMoms was officially invited for a walk-through of the store but this review has not been sponsored in any way. As the writer’s kids are past the sizes available at the store currently, we could not review it for wear and tear. We will be happy to receive and share your feedback with them.

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