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Add Positives to Minus Negatives

On a sunny Sunday , my friend happened to make a vegetable curry and it turned out to be very spicy. It was a disaster!! It was so spicy that one lick of it made her jump like a kangaroo. Luckily, she tasted it before serving to her family. She had to correct it now. How she wished that she could remove the excess chilly directly from the food, to make it edible. But alas! some things can never be undone. There is no way that she could pull out the excess spice instantly. She had to either add few drops of lemon juice or some sugar or a cup of yogurt to dilute the spice. She dumped some and to the remaining portion, she added a dash of sugar and a small cup of yogurt to make the curry palatable. In fact, dilution seems to be the best solution.

                          Some wrong choices, wrong deeds, wrong investments, wrong words, or wrong associations can never be undone. What is the solution then?

Even in life, we cannot undo things that have gone wrong. Some wrong choices, wrong deeds, wrong investments, wrong words, or wrong associations can never be undone. What is the solution then? When we cannot rescind what has already gone wrong, why should we waste time over it? It is like attempting to remove the excess spice from the curry directly. It is certainly not possible. We need to dilute the wrong things. This can happen only when we add many right things or deeds , so that the wrongs become insignificant, like the cup of yogurt to dilute the spice.

Likewise, we all have negative side in us. We may not be able to overturn all the negativities. But we can continue adding positive thoughts, positive choices, positive deeds, positive readings, or positive people to nullify the negativity. Every day we deal with some easy people and some difficult people. Let us not spend time correcting the difficult people. It will drain our emotional strength. Instead we can add more positive and happy people in our social circle, spend more time with them, thereby the difficult people will not have any effect on us.

we also need to teach them to apply these mathematical functions in life.Life is full of ups and downs . We all go though many lows in life and we cannot reverse it. But if we add new highs, these lows will get diluted. We all have many scars in life, many unfulfilled dreams, unanswered prayers, and many bad memories. We certainly cannot revoke these instantly. But we can bring in new good memories to vanish these bad memories and lead a happy life.

Similarly, we teach our kids to add , subtract , multiply and divide numbers. Don’t we also need to teach them to apply these mathematical functions in life too?!

- Kids have strengths and weakness. Instead of wasting time in correcting their weakness, let us make them get busy to work on their strengths, so that it can outshine their weakness.
- Kids get bullied quite often. Instead of getting affected, we should add so many positive thoughts in our kids to make them emotionally strong, that could help them stay unaffected being bullied.
- Kids face failures. Failure cannot be undone. Instead of brooding over the failure, we should encourage our kids to make new attempts and help them stay focused in their task, that their failure goes unseen.

This is possible only when we learn and master this thought. We need to look within to look beyond. Let us not waste time removing the wrongs, instead let us focus in adding the right moves and right deeds. Diluting the wrong by adding good is a better solution. Do you agree?

Then, Add more positives to minus the negatives. Multiply positivity to nullify negativity.

Happy life. Happy parenting.

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Mandira Adhikari Posted on Dec 05, 2018

Great post indeed...I am a very optimistic person in myself and always keep away from people who induce negativity.\r\

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Pooja Posted on Dec 04, 2018

This article is such a good read. To lead a happy and contented life, we must keep our attitude positive and teach our kids the same. No one is perfect but everyone is good.

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Purnima Posted on Dec 04, 2018

Positivity attracts positivity and this is where most of us have our life wrong. Negativity flows in pretty quickly and brings a lot of negativity with itself.

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Latha Posted on Dec 01, 2018

Well expressed! I liked the solutions provided:) We may not be able to change certain things but can certainly try and carve out better alternatives.

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Snigdha Prusti Posted on Nov 29, 2018

Bring positivity in life brings happiness and prosperity ,that\'s what i strongly believe . Negativity always brings negative vibes . so be positive is the key .

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Anu Posted on Nov 28, 2018

Having a positive attitude will surely help us to get over losses and focus on the good things in life. I loved reading your perspective though!

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Nisha Posted on Nov 28, 2018

Yes, instead of pointing out he wrongs or making a huge deal is only waste of time. We must try to act in a positive way and try to rectify the bads by doing the right. Nice piece.

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Pallavi Posted on Nov 28, 2018

So true ,I liked reading it.To lead a happy life we need to be positive in every situation.and most importantly our kids learn from our prospective\'s too.\r\n\r\

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Ekta K Majmudar Posted on Nov 28, 2018

Very well articulated Jayanti!Loved the way it progressed too....\r\nIt\'s so true that beautiful things in life happen when we distance ourselves from negativity/negative vibes.We need to declutter our brain of any negative thought.A positive mind can only spread happiness and love.Children of today should also be counselled about it.....\r\n\r\nWaiting for your next article Jayanti.........

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Papri Ganguly Posted on Nov 27, 2018

Positive thinking can change your and mind. It has the powder. We should welcome positive thoughts and cut off all negativity.

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Khushboo Posted on Nov 27, 2018

I agree we should always see positive in e everything. If we have positive approach all negative things also looks positive and we can overcome any difficult situations.


Balakrishnan Posted on Nov 27, 2018

We should always breed positivity and be happy to enjoy life. Good thoughts

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Shub Posted on Nov 27, 2018

Just some time ago, I wrote about the same topic. It\'s so important for ourselves and our loved ones that we kick the negativity and embrace positivity. Loved the points you mentioned here.

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Dipika Singh Posted on Nov 27, 2018

Negativity pulls more negativity in life, so to kill and push all unnecessary drame from life be positive. Lovely motivating post.

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Uma Posted on Nov 27, 2018

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses” wrote \r\nAlphonse Karr in his book, “A Tour Round My Garden.” Similarly, negative or positive whatever choice you make, makes you. This article is yet another inspiration to be positive. Good read.

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Neha Jella Posted on Nov 27, 2018

Such a beautiful article to read. Yes, we should always think positive and subtract negativity from us. Thank you for sharing such an amazing article.

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Zainab Posted on Nov 27, 2018

Yes, its important to think positive and remove negativity from us such a great and amazing article. Thanks for this great post.

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Jhilmil Bhansali Posted on Nov 27, 2018

Such a beautiful post this is and the example of excess chilly is so relatable to our lives. Indeed none can be perfect but let\'s just add up positivity to every aspect of our life .

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Jhilmil D Saha Posted on Nov 27, 2018

This is a great post and every parent should read it to inculcate such positive thoughts in bringing up their kids the right way.

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Stuti Sharma Posted on Nov 27, 2018

Such a boosting article to contemplate life from new angle.. rather than wasting time brooding or trying to undo something, we should look for new brighter avenues!

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Ruchi Verma Posted on Nov 27, 2018

I always believe and follow to be positive in life as even negative thoughts bring out negative aura and can effect lifestyle

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Noor Anand Chawla Posted on Nov 26, 2018

I agree with you. One must live with a positive frame of mind and adopt a positive attitude to every negative situation, in order to lead a happy and successful life.

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