Why Moms need a Mom-gang, Aloe Vera and Me Time

I was worried they were too young. They looked scared, lost and really tiny. What if they are hungry and no one offers them food? What if they want to use the washroom and no one understands their urgency? What if they are sleepy and look for my lap? I was in two minds whether to send my twins to the play school. There was no way to tell if they were ready, But definitely, I was not. This is when a close friend told me “Wait till they break for their first school holidays, you will be waiting for them to go back to school asap.” I looked at her in disbelief, why would I not want my kids home all day, everyday. You see, ‘me time’ was not even a concept I was aware of then.

Today, almost 2 years down the line I bow to her. She was so right. Don’t get me wrong I love my munchkins and spending days with them. But well all of us can do with a little break from each other. The kids can go play with their friends and the mother can put her feet up. Yes, Moms need to be pampered. They need a mom-gang, me time and a good face mask.

1)Homemade Aloe Vera mask: We took the kids for a holiday to Hua Hin, Thailand recently and it showed up on the weighing scale and my skin. The weighing scale and I are not exactly best friends. My skin was peeling and so I switched to Aloe Vera gel instead of face cream. And then I went one step further and made my own Aloe Vera Mask at home. Now, I am well on my way to healing and smooth skin. Here are three easy steps to make your own Aloe Vera Mask:

Aloe Vera Mask:
1 tbsp Aloe Vera gel (preferably from fresh leaf), a pinch of Turmeric powder, 1 tsp Sugar
Step 1: Just mix all the ingredients together.
Step 2: Apply on your face and neck. Read your favourite book for at least 2o minutes and then wash your face.
Step 3: Feel your soft supple skin.

2) Catching up on movies on AppleTV: I used to be the first-day, first-show person, until the kids showed up of course. So now we head to the theatre for kid-friendly movies like Shaun the sheep, Peanuts, The Good Dinosaur and more. They are enjoyable but not close to my kind of movies-Hunger Games, Behind Enemy Lines and you get the point, right. So the very first day my kids hit school, I sunk into my couch glued to AppleTV for my movie fill. So back to back I went from Rockstar Mom in Ricki and the Flash to Carjackers in ‘Titli‘ , the latter of course is not for the weak-hearted. The best part was there were no breaks, neither commercial nor poo-poo. And I had time for myself. Only myself.

3) Cooking my childhood favourite and healthy Indian sweets: We also celebrated Lohri this week. This Indian festival is all about celebrating the harvest season, and at nighttime a fire is lit and an offering of peanuts and jaggery sweets is made. We indulge in a lot of festive cooking around this time, and for a change I cooked for myself. It is a super healthy Indian sweet made of brown sugar and whole wheat flour that doubles up as a winter comfort food. This is called Gur Para and I found it on this wonderful foodie site by nishamadhulika. It is easy to make and easier to gobble down.

4) Breakfast with my girl gang: Parenthood takes some bachelor friends away from you but then introduces you to the mom-gang. Yes mothers who are riding in the same boat of ‘how, what and why of parenting’. And trust me these mom-gangs are life saviours. Especially because they discuss everything under the sun except kids and things related. My mom-gang is no different, and I love it. Yes, we finally caught up this week sans kids and enjoyed our food, drinks and conversation. And no we did not feel guilty about not towing our kids along.

5) Making time for myself by hitting the highway: Well I am a bit lazy and that kind of took me away from the driver’s seat more than 10 years ago. But recently I tried my hand at Automatic driving (getting popular in India now) and I haven’t taken my leg off that accelerator since. This week after dropping the kids to school, I hit the highway alone. Just me, myself and my favourite music. If you are looking for Nirvana or just a break from everyday monotony or are finally motivated to ‘make time for yourself’ I recommend you take off. At this very moment.

Now that we have known each other for almost a year, I would love to get to know you a little bit better. Love to hear from you, if you ‘make time for yourself’ and what do you do with it? Leave a comment below or mail us at KetchupMoms@gmail.com.

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snufflesjay Posted on Jan 24, 2016

Now thats a pretty simple and DIY mask. Thanks much :D ! And yeah Mom Gangs are fun :D Moms need time off too :P I am sure kids will understand albeit a lil later. I so wanna take off right this moment :P But then my manager would be at loss #bleh thanks for motivating though! When I make time to myself I do any activity that I want to do- Long solo walks, munching on street food, dialing that long lost friend or getting a lil change in life be it a haircut, a new shade or something in those lines.

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thatguywithstories Posted on Jan 20, 2016

You are so right, Charu on point no.4.The mom gang is all bout busting stress particularly for the spouses whose better halves are employed with the lalaji.

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