What your kids should know if you go visiting Australia on Australia Day!

All the Bollywood movies I grew up on made me aware of just three nations- India, Pakistan and China. Oh of course Kaneda (Canada) London and Amrica (America) too. So I may fare rather well on quiz questions like how much investment Akshay Kumar has made in Canada, who is the richest NRI in London and who is the Indian-origin political bigwig in America. Yet, I lived ignorant about how India’s Republic day falls on the same day as Australia Day – 26th January.

And if you were aware of that then either you have or are applying for their visa. Or you are more than a cricket fan. Or you are truly well read. For others, it is ok. Most of India and may be the world knows more about Kangaroos, Beer, Beaches and Masterchef Australia.

Bt if you are travelling to Australia around the day, here is a crash course for your kids on the Australia Day celebrations-

1. Australia Day was adopted as the official national day by all Australian states and territories as recently as 1935. It is also called Foundation Day, Anniversary Day, Survival Day or Invasion Day.

2. The landing of the British troops with 11 ships or the ‘First Fleet’ in 1788 at Port Jackson, New South Wales is the reason this day is significant.
3. Since 1994 every Australian takes pride in celebrating this day. It is the day when they hold citizenship ceremonies, felicitate the “Australian of the Year” and honour other significant contributors of the nation.
4. Communities and families come together over warm summer days perfect for barbeques, music and fireworks.

5. Everybody hits the beach.
6. They wear their flag on their sleeves, backs, face and everywhere a tattoo can reach.
7. Parades are an intrinsic component of this celebration with revellers cheering them in lakhs.

8. If family gatherings are around how can traditional cooking be far away. Some of the more popular recipes are :

Lamington Cake


Meat Pie

9. The entire country comes together to sing their National Anthem.

10. In a grand ceremonial display of respect, the crowd takes great pride in the ‘Salute to Australia’. The Army, Navy and Air Force comes together to pay tribute to the Nation. It all starts with the 21 Gun Salute at Bradfield Park under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

11. If you are away from Australia, your homeland, or if you just want to join in in the fervour of the Australian people Watch Australia Day ceremonies live

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P C Posted on Jan 21, 2015

Quite interesting and informative


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