The Babul Tree

Monday Motivation from the Babul Tree

Did you know, the game Snakes and Ladders was invented in India to teach kids about the life's vices and virtues. The Snakes represented all bad and evil and hence took you down in life. The ladders were the virtues that put you on the fastest road to a beautiful life. So, today we bring you a story which teaches you that goodness always finds you back.

They say in ancient India, there was a snake called Kuber. He was very arrogant and would always hold his head so high, that he was never able to see anyone's happiness or sadness.

Babul Tree PostOne day on his way back, from the Shiva temple, he was in a hurry to avoid all his mortally neighbours. He quickly manoeuvred his way around the crowded street. But his false pride led to his doom. The head he held so high brushed past a low lying Babul branch. And a huge thorn landed inside the skin of his head. He was writhing in pain. 

But there was no one around to help Kuber. Or maybe no one wanted to help him.

But then the little Babul tree came to the snake's rescue. He blew the wind so strong that the thorn flew out of the snake's skin.

The Snake was surprised. He asked the Babul tree as to why did it help somebody as selfish as himself.
The Tree recounted a small incident to the snake. It told the snake how years back, the tree was as proud as the snake. It would not provide any shelter to the travellers. It bore no fruits for the hungry. And it was not fun for the kids to climb, because of the thorns. Slowly people stopped to care about the tree and no one would even give it water to drink. And he became a tree of thorns permanently.

Then one summer, there was drought and it was almost left to die. A small baby snake saw its plight and decided to help it.

One day, a traveller was sitting across the Babul tree, drinking some water. Just then it saw a small Shivling under the Babul tree, which had been pushed there by the baby snake. In no time the baby snake came and wrapped itself around the rock and sheltered it with his head. Recreating Lord Shiva and his snake's pose from the temple.
The traveller immediately got up and with all his love poured the water on the Shivling and the baby snake. The water seeped into the roots of the Babul tree.

                                         Snake Sketch: KetchupMoms

Slowly other people followed his action. And the tree was nourished because of the snake's smart and kind gesture.
This tree then told the injured snake that it was the snake's father who had shown him such an act of kindness. And how the tree was very happy to have been able to pass that kindness to him.

That day the snake realised his vices and he mended his ways.

Monday Motivation: A kind gesture always come around. And so for all the countries that are turning their back on the refugees, some empathy showed today, will bear lovely fruits tomorrow.

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Comments (6)

Papri Ganguly Posted on Jul 10, 2018

Such an interesting story. Never knew such facts about this.


Deepa Posted on Jul 10, 2018

This is a lovely story with great lesson. I am sure kids would enjoy it too.


Nidhi Km Posted on Jul 10, 2018

That’s a good story for kids. One good night time moral value to be passed soon. Thanks for sharing this


Prerna Sinha Posted on Jul 10, 2018

Oh this is such a story! Had no idea. Thanks for sharing a Charu. Will share with my kids.


Apsara Mishra Posted on Jul 10, 2018

Wow nice story.. I will recomend my frnds to read.


Jhilmil Bhansali Posted on Jul 10, 2018

How beautiful this story is with a great moral of how to stop being selfish and be a help to all in this world. It\'ll be a good new story for my lil one.


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