Round-up of the best Christmas cooking blogs and my favourite recipe

So I am on this wonderful trip from India to Hua Hin, Thailand with my family. Am I loving it? Oh totally! What is even more fascinating is being in a different country during a festival like Christmas. I have a mouthful of yummy Christmas chocolate mousse as I write this from the comfort of my hotel room at the Hua Hin Amari. However, receiving a Christmas cooking blog update every now and then does make me miss my kitchen. So I thought of compiling the best Christmas cooking blogs for myself to go back home and cook from. And this list is also my Christmas gift to all u lovely readers out there.

This year my Top Christmas cooking blog list looks like this:

Little Cookie House on the Kidspot Australia’s website. I fell in love with the ease and beauty of this one. That the kids will love this Christmas Cooking is guaranteed. After all it has icing sugar, biscuits and candies. I wish I had discovered this earlier and I could have so made these for my twins birthday party. Once home I am surely making these for a family get together.

Jolly Jello Shots God bless Jaymee Sire, for being a passionate foodie. An Emmy-award winning sport writer and anchor, she whips up some real fun food. These Christmas tree or Santa Jelly shots are strictly for parents, there’s vodka in them. After all it is our Christmas too!

Whole Wheat Pasta with Brussels Sprout Honestly I love Thai food. Which also means I am tanking up on chicken, pork, prawns, fish, crab and repeat. No wonder then I chose Nigella Lawson’s personally recommended vegetarian dish with a lot of wonder food quality. Yes who says Christmas Cooking can not be healthy and tasty?

Weihnachtsgans (Viennese Christmas Goose), Austrian So if any of you have been following the Retro Housewife blog, you’ll know this has to be a traditional Christmas Recipe. And I am looking forward to cooking this one more like a challenge. In India we mostly cut chicken and meat into Biryani Cut, this cooking of a whole goose does not come easy to amateurs like me. But before the year ends, I am going to indulge in this Christmas Cooking for sure.

Hope u like my chosen 4 recipes for your Christmas meal. Oh but before I go let me add a pretty and quick dish for your Christmas table. One your kids will love.

Marshmallow Faces:

A packet of 10-15 marshmallows
A bowl full of melted chocolate
A tbsp of Sprinkles or frosties
Some wooden snack sticks

Step 1: Insert the snack stick into each marshmallow
Step 2: Dip just the head of marshmallows in the chocolate syrup. Make sure the syrup is not too thin as it might drip off the marshmallow. When the chocolate settles your face’s mane is ready.
Step 3: Dip the chocolate mane in the frosties for a nice colourful effect.
Step 4: With a sharp end of a knife carve out the eyes and smile on the marshmallow faces.

Hope you enjoy your Christmas Cooking! We would love to hear from you about your Christmas celebration and a recipe that your simply can’t stop cooking.

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