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15 Hindi Books For Kids To Read Again And Again

Hindi books sit pretty on my twins' bookshelf. Having grown up reading Hindi books like Chacha Chaudhary, Panchatantra, Akbar Birbal, Tinkle myself, I can vouch for the brilliant stories they tell. Some of the older books are an in-route to the India that we were- our village life, our traditions, cultures and more. Some of the new ones by brilliant publishing houses like कKatha, Pratham and Tulika have brought every day into these. And both these kinds of books are must-haves.

Our last article on Hindi Books for kids that even featured a book by the great Indian lyricist Gulzar is, in fact, a top article on Google. Yes, we are bummed to be on the first search page for the same.
So keeping the tradition alive, here is our second episode of Hindi books for kids that are true must-haves.

 15 Best Hindi Books For Kids -

1) Fakrudeen Ka Fridge -
Age- 5+
Author: Meenu Thomas
Illustrator: Tanvi Bhat
Publisher: Tulika Books

 15 Best Hindi Books For Kids -

Review- Fakrudeen is a young boy who gets really worried about little things in life. And so when the fridge in his house stops working, he is petrified. How will he drink cold water? How will the food stay fresh? So his mother fed up with his constant questioning, encourages him to find his own answers. A chance spotting by him, of little birds cooling in muddy water, gives him an idea. Well, wink-wink my twins wanted to sell the fridge in our kitchen and barter it for an earthen pot, after reading this book. So go buy it, to know more.

2) Tara Khojak
Age- 5+
Author: Rabindranath Tagore
Illustrator: Harshvardhan Kadam
Publisher: Katha

 15 Best Hindi Books For Kids -

Review- A sweet little argument goes on between a small girl and her brother. In her innocence, Khuki plans to catch the moon. She refuses to give in, even when her brother argues about the size of the moon. Simple and playful is what this book really is.

3) Amma's Toolkit
Age: 5+
Author: Nandini Nayar
Illustrator: Ashwini Hiremath
Publisher: Pratham Books

 15 Best Hindi Books For Kids -

A broken pipe floods the home of Mini and Tara. Who comes to their rescue, well their friendly Amma and her toolkit. This storybook was lapped up by my 7-year-old daughter because hello Amma knew her stuff. She knows her pipes from her straws and is truly inspiring.

4. Akbar aur Birbal ( Mahesh Bana Birbal)

 15 Best Hindi Books For Kids

Review- Who does not love the classic folktales of King Akbar and his quick-witted advisor Birbal. Well, this book is the first part of the popular Akbar-Birbal Series. It reveals how a simple but intelligent boy Mahesh, impressed King Akbar with his quick-thinking. And how Mahesh then becomes Birbal and solves the most difficult situations in a jiffy. A must-read for kids who seek heroes and moral values in stories.

5) Ek Anmol Saathi Ke Liye
Author: Rosalind Wilson
Publisher: Katha
Illustrator: Wen Su

 15 Best Hindi Books For Kids

Review- This is a beautiful story about relationships and beliefs. When a poor painter is desperate for work, opportunity knocks on his door. Unfortunately, he has to choose between his art and his best friend, a cat. Surprisingly the kids got the hidden message of 'everyone is the same for god', too. Miracle!

6) Bhagwad Gita- Bachon Ke Liye
Author: Roopa Pai
Publisher: Hachette India Children's Books

 15 Best Hindi Books For Kids

Review-What happens when the courageous warrior Arjuna finds himself unable to fight his own elders and cousins? Lord Krishna, shows him the path to salvation. And while this epic saga is revered by millions, only a seasoned writer like Roopa can make it simple, alluring and entertaining for kids.

7) Jafta
Author: Hugh Lewin
Publisher- Katha
Illustrator: Lisa Kopper

 15 Best Hindi Books For Kids

Review- Let your kids follow Jafta into his African world. See how this little one expresses himself by comparing his actions to those of the animals in Africa. He insists that he can purr like a lion cub, laugh like a hyena and more. Early readers can learn about Africa and the animals that belong there.

8) Baatuni Kachhua/ The Talkative Tortoise
Retold by: Jeeva Raghunath
Illustrator: Shailja Jain
Publisher: Zakatha

 15 Best Hindi Books For Kids

Review- One of the most loved stories from the basket of Panchatantra Stories. This story teaches kids how it is a good idea to keep our mouths closed sometimes. Also, the illustrations bring alive the art style of Kalamkari textiles from Andhra Pradesh, India. This book is a great example of keeping art forms alive through literature.

9) Abba Ka Din
Age: 7+
Author: Sunaina Ali
Publisher- Katha
Illustrator: Debsmita Dasgupta

 15 Best Hindi Books For Kids

Review- What makes Sunday so special for Ayesha? Well, she spends the entire day with her darling Abba or Dad. They cook together, shop together and talk a lot. A heartwarming reminder to all of us to spend more time with our family.

10) The Seed Savers
Age: 7+
Writer: Bijal Vachharajani
Illustrator by Jayesh Sivan
Publisher: Pratham Books

Review- A village comes together to save the world by taking a small step- opening a seed bank. In today's world where Global warming is a reality, a book inspired by a real-life event makes all the difference. Let your kid's mind be impregnated with the importance of this topic.

                      15 Best Hindi Books For Kids

11) Balu Ki Tokri/ Balu's Basket
Age- 7+
Author: Chitra Sounder
Publisher- Katha
Illustrator: Uttara Sivadas

 15 Best Hindi Books For Kids

Review- An endearing story of a young boy Balu and his basket. Together they act as the superhero for the man who can't catch his hen. And the vendor from who's cart, the apples topple. And the saleswoman who has a tired sleepy child in her hand, for whom the tokri can double up as a bed. Trust me my twins went all guns thinking of a thousand more uses for it. And truly a book that makes you think, is one for the keeps.

12) Chandini Ke Pankh
Age: 6+
Author: Mamang Dai
Illustrator: Nimret Handa
Publisher: Katha

 15 Best Hindi Books For Kids

Review: Four enchanting folklores from the land of Arunachal Pradesh. Each story is laced with delightful imagination on how the world really came to be? Was it created, did the sun try to burn the earth? Well, let your kids explore this book to find out more.

13) Chand per khargosh/ The Rabbit in the Moon
Retold by: Indrani Krishnaier
Publisher: Tulika
Illustrator: Harsha Nagaraja

 15 Best Hindi Books For Kids

Review- Are battles won by size or smartness? When the rabbits find the elephant herd to be a threat to their existence, they think of a smart solution. They prove to the elephants, the might of their queen, who stays on the moon. A beautiful story that engages and leaves one with a chuckle.

14) Achoo!
Age: 7+
Writer: Deepa Balsavar
Illustrator: Nancy Raj
Publisher: Pratham Books

Review: How loud is an elephant's sneeze wondered the curious monkey. The entire jungle joins in to imagine- the porcupine, the wild buffalo and even the tiger. And all of them are blown away by the answer at the end. Curious??? Then let your monkey loose in this jungle. 

15) Aalsi Mama
Age: 7+
Writer: Vidya Pradhan
Illustrator: Rohit Kelkar.
Publisher: Pratham Books

 15 Best Hindi Books For Kids

Review: Amish and Soni desperately want to join the wild adventures their lazy Raghu Mama enjoys. But they are left wondering how he manages to do so without ever leaving his chair? A fun read indeed.
Hope you find this list helpful. If there are more Hindi gems you would want to share with us, please do leave the names in the comment section below.

                                         15 Best Hindi Books For Kids

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Comments (11)

Sharvari Posted on Feb 07, 2019

Such a wonderful collection. Bhagwad Gita and abba ka din and alsi mama I remember reading from childhood. Need to get them for my toddler

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Alpana Posted on Feb 06, 2019

I am also in look out for good Hindi books for my kids. Thanks for giving me a wonderful list.

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Jhilmil D Saha Posted on Feb 06, 2019

I was looking for some Hindi story books for my daughter. Hindi is our national language and it\'s very important to learn it. Thanks for recommending these.


Nisha Posted on Feb 06, 2019

I was thinking to get some nice Hindi books for my kid as he does not have any currently. Your list came just in time.


Rituka Bisht Posted on Feb 06, 2019

All the books you have mentioned here are very good and I have already read them now going to keep them in my little ones library thank you for the post


Vartika Gakhar Posted on Feb 06, 2019

What a lovely compilation, I never heard about any of these except Akbar Birbal and Gita. Will check out on my next trip to India for sure.


Jhilmil Posted on Feb 06, 2019

I\'m so happy to shared this, I have so many memories of myself reading books like cha-cha chowdhary, Akbar birbal and they were so much fun. Would select few from these for my son.


Snigdha Prusti Posted on Feb 06, 2019

These are some amazing book lists for kids. I hope my son will also love these. I will grab amma\'s toolkit first because i am also quite interested in reading this.


Amita Posted on Feb 05, 2019

Thanks for sharing this post. bahut time pehlai hindi ki books ko pada kartai thei aur wo bhi agar koi kahani ho to usko to pura karkai hi rakhtai thi. aap ki post mai to hindi books kai bahut sai achhai suggestion hai.


Varsh Posted on Feb 05, 2019

Feeling guilty for not having read many of these titles myself. Going to take your suggestions and read as many of these books as possible.


Noor Anand Chawla Posted on Feb 05, 2019

I feel it is so important to read Hindi books to our children in order to preserve our mother tongue. I used to love Akbar and Birbal stories as a child.


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