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Something Delicious Is Cooking At Pacific Mall, New Delhi

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Pacific Mall Delhi, hosted the most delicious cookout ever. What else can one expect when 7 restaurants, 5 top food influencers of Delhi and the food connoisseur Mr. Kunal Vijayakar get together? It was one roller-coaster ride for the taste buds. They went from complete Indian flavours all the way to the Mexican ones. And the wild rendezvous ended on a high with Beer running wild.

                      Pacific Mall Delhi, hosted the most delicious cookout ever.

Yes, dear readers we at Ketchup Moms had the best Foodie Friday last week. Where else but at the one-stop shop for food, fashion and kid activities: Pacific Mall, Delhi. And the 'Sil Jam' man, Kunal Vijaykar, a renowned food writer and food lover now, accentuated the experience with his tasting and talking.

                                   Pacific Mall Delhi, hosted the most delicious cookout ever with KetchupMoms

We started with a tandoori cookout at The Punjab Grill. Chef Vijay Sethi and team conjured up a non-vegetarian's dream come true- Chaamp Tajdar and Murgh Makhani. Biting into these scrumptious delights reminded one of the golden eras of the Maharajas and their extravagant cooking styles. What really whet our appetite was the reverse marination.

                                        Pacific Mall Delhi, hosted the most delicious cookout ever with KetchupMoms

Yes, a cooking trick where the chicken is first cooked in delicious marination. And then smoked out in a tandoor. Oh, that flavoursome dish!!
Highlight- A fine-dining with the best in Indian Cuisine.

                    Pacific Mall Delhi, hosted the most delicious cookout ever with KetchupMoms

And then the Juicy Luicy Burger pulled us towards Cafe Delhi Heights. And we surrendered. Just like 2 lakh and eighty thousand other foodies. This highly fulfilling burger must be devoured by at least 2 people. It's sheer heaven. A juicy mutton patty, sandwiched between soft bread buns. Every bite leading to a happiness explosion in the brain. What was equally arresting here was the cookout with the delicate flavours of Grilled Chicken Breast. The chef raked up buttery mashed potatoes, stir-fried vegetables and perfectly soft chicken.
Highlight- A friendly service that is topped with their delicious kinds of pasta and burgers.

                         Pacific Mall Delhi, hosted the most delicious cookout ever with KetchupMoms

And then Mexico beckoned and we headed to Chilis. The restaurant where you go for fajitas, quesadillas and carefree talks with your friends. The spread we were treated to was lavish. What clearly left us asking for more was the Romesco Salmon and Grilled Chicken & Shrimp Fajita. The soft yet spicy fillet served with chipotle rice and spinach was refreshing. And their signature sizzling fajita with authentic guacamole, sour cream and salsa were delicious.
Highlight- This friendly restaurant has an extensive list of vegetarian delights too.


By the time we walked into Jamie's Oliver, we thought we were full to the brim. But when the most dedicated foodies are out on a cookout, the party goes on forever. Especially when fresh garlicky prawns cooked in fish broth greet you at the table. And the famous Prawn Linguine is accompanied by Jamie's Burger, pizzas and gooey Orange Marmalade CheeseCake. Kunal Vijaykar and all us food bloggers were totally bewitched with the special pizza named after Jamie's wife Juliette. It was a chicken pizza loaded with cheese and sundried tomatoes and natural spiciness. The fresh Ginger Bear left us hungry for more.
Highlights- Jamie's is a delight for food lovers who relish the delicate flavours of herbs and spices.


And then we found ourselves entering the Castle Barbeque's for some more treats. The over-night simmered Dal Makhani with Buttered Garlic Naan. And the Mughlai special Kalmi Kabab. Do you know Kalmi has its origins traced to Baluchistan and is a favourite with the Delhi crowd? Its white marination is tempered with mint enhancing its flavours. In particular, the ambience of the restaurant is intriguing too. And their Bar Corner is a place one wouldn't like to leave too soon.
Highlights- This makes for a great hangout with family and friends especially in big numbers.

                       Pacific Mall Delhi, hosted the most delicious cookout ever with KetchupMoms

But we had to, for the love of Biryani at Biryani Blues. Mr. Kunal Vijayakar, in fact, confessed to Biryani being his all-time favourite dish. With or without kewada. And the vegetarians in the group totally loved being served a vegetable biryani with salan and curd. Honestly, though, the mutton biryani was a delightful treat. The mutton was flavourful and almost melt-in-mouth. Just the meal that makes you head for good times.
Highlights- This is an excellent place to step in for a quick serving of Biryani.

                          Pacific Mall Delhi, hosted the most delicious cookout ever with KetchupMoms

Naturally the next and the final stopover of our grand fiesta was the Beer Cafe. We all had tanked up on delicious foods form the restaurant-hopping at Pacific Mall. And now we literally sat like a gang of teenagers, wanting to discuss our favourites. But first, we quenched our throats with the in-house drafts and gorged on some more delicacies. Guess we took our passion for food rather seriously. Yes all of us. We sat there breaking bread once more, like a community high on sugar, salt and a thousand flavours. And together we were happy to have discovered the food delights that West Delhi had to offer.

                         Pacific Mall Delhi, hosted the most delicious cookout ever with KetchupMoms

You know, in Delhi they say that if a restaurant wins hearts in west Delhi, it will find its happy bellies across. And every restaurant in Pacific Mall, adds fire to this. Drive down to the mall this weekend and taste our delicious truth.

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