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The Adventure of Bhrigu Lake Trek with Kids

The mountains are high I agree but faith can move mountains. The Bhrigu Lake Trek is not just a tedious adventure one wants to complete, it is a test of one’s fitness, patience and self-endurance. The person walking, needs commendable effort and self-motivation to hike 25km at an altitude of 14500feet. And this is why it makes for a great Family Trip.

Bhrigu Lake is also called 'The pools of the god', and it is believed that Bhrigu Rishi meditated here

The legend of Bhrigu Lake
Bhrigu Lake is also called 'The pools of the god', and it is believed that Bhrigu Rishi meditated here. And as a result the Lake never freezes completely. As is customary in Himachal, the Gods from different areas of Himachal travel and meet at Kullu during the famous Dushera Festival. Guru Vashisht, a popular God from the near by areas is know to travel to this Lake once in every two years, to take a holy dip. And he is accompanied by a lot of his believers.

The Lake is almost 28 kms from Manali and just short of Rohtang Pass.

Where is Brighu Lake?
The Lake is almost 28 kms from Manali and just short of Rohtang Pass. One needs to travel to the beautiful Himachali hamlet Gulaba, to start the trek.

What are the best months for the Trek?
May to October our considered the safe and good months for this trek, where the night temperature can fall below -4degree Celsius. It is also a good time to plan the other famous trek in this region -Beas Kund Trek.

Days Taken by us?
Two Days. We started from Gulaba village, overnight stayed at Roa Ki Kholi camp. Next day trekked to Bhrigu Lake and down to Vaishisht Village

Trek Type: Moderate
Our Journey:
The trek starts at 14mor just above a breathtakingly beautiful Himachali village, Gulaba. The intensity of the trek is moderate, but for a first timer it could take some time to tune into the mountain zone. It is a short but an unforgettable Trek, that is made even more special when your own family members hold your hands and show you the way.

My daughter was awe-struck witnessing Deo Tibba,

First Day:
The trek takes you from beautiful alpine vegetation to cold meadows. Enroute you can soak in the mesmerising views of the great Dhauladhar ranges, the Manali valley and the 'seven sister peaks' in the Pir Panjal range. And no matter how many times you have visited Himachal, you can never have enough of its snow-clad mountains and fresh meadows. My daughter was awe-struck witnessing Deo Tibba, “the mountain of Gods”, a place you want to settle in. If your child is really curious you might want to carry a book on flora and fauna. The route takes you on a trail through cedar and oak forests and wild-flowers grow amok.

My daughter was awe-struck witnessing Deo Tibba,My mountain-loving Himachali family was greeted by the virgin sunshines, glistening streams and alluring mountains over a a Trek of two days. Our group of trekkers started the climb with a little difficulty at first however the song of the winds kept us afresh. After a 7km walk we finally reached our base camp, Rao ki Kholi which is an open meadow with green pastures and a brook running through the middle into a waterfall famously known as Jogani falls. Rao ki kholi is at a height of 14000feet above sea level and you can almost reach out for the stars. What keeps you on the earth is the frost that bites literally into your flesh, if you are ill-equipped. The mountain sun keeps you warm all day but in the night the temperatures fall to as low as -4degree Celsius. The cold can be seen forming an icy carpet on your tent and grass around. Yes initially my daughter though we were going to become characters out of the popular kid's movie Frozen. But thankfully we had our jackets sorted. And the tents at this base camp are well secured and keep you warm.

My daughter was awe-struck witnessing Bhrigu Lake

The second day

It was a lot harder and tiring. The terrain suddenly changes into blocks of intimidating rocks. At places the legs start wobbling trying to balance on the rocks and your ability to overcome fear is tested. A way to walk is nonexistent through these rocks. one has to climb and hop from one rock to the other. Safety gear is essential for this stretch of the trek. But at the end of this journey you suddenly come upon on the lake. It is almost hidden and springs up as nature's surprise. A tranquil little gem nestled in the middle of the valley. This is where you just let down your guard and let the wind carry you around. My daughter felt rejuvenated and alive in the lap of nature.

I thinking it was also the effect of watching beautiful horses running wild on this mountain side. Goats grazing carelessly and Yaks showing everyone the way. And when your trip commence at Vashisht Village, yo can pamper yourself to the blessed hot water springs. Would we do this trek again? Yes, may be next summer again. Or who knows we might head to the 'vanishing beach in Orissa' .

  My daughter was awe-struck witnessing Deo Tibba,  My daughter was awe-struck witnessing Deo Tibba,  My daughter was awe-struck witnessing Deo Tibba,

How to Reach

By Air :-
Bhuntar, at 52 km from Manali, is the nearest airport. Taxi services from Bhuntar to Manali are available for about Rs. 700- Rs1000.

By Road:-
From Delhi an overnight bus will get you to Manali in 12 -14 hours.

From Chandigarh it takes around 8 and 1/2 hours to reach Manali

Hope you have as thrilling a reading experience as we had trekking it. 

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Rainbowdiaries Singapore Posted on Apr 19, 2019

Oh so motivating! We also want to go trekking with kids and your post is giving me goals. All pics are nice and am sure you all had an amazing family bonding.


Gunjan (tuggu.n.mommy) Posted on Apr 19, 2019

This looks like an amazing trek. And I have never thought of trekking with kids. this makes it so easy


Amrit Kaur Posted on Apr 19, 2019

I have never been on trek but after this post i need to plan one soon. And hats off that you went for trekking with kids.


Purva Posted on Apr 19, 2019

Looks like such a beautiful place. I\'ve never been a trekking person. But I want to change that now for the sake of my daughter.


Snehal Posted on Apr 18, 2019

It was nice reading on the legend of bhrigu lake I would like to camp here with my family and friends someday :)


Fanni Posted on Jul 21, 2018

I was drawn by the honstey of what you write


Dipika Posted on Nov 27, 2017

Trek with kids - are you kidding!!! Oh no you are not! and well look at the post it tells everything on how to be ready and get with it. Lovely. Kudos to you\r\nI am going to show thsi post and explain it to my partner :-)


Tengkubutang A.k.a Tbhere Posted on Nov 27, 2017

very interesting travelling time. hope u had a great time in this adventure trip..


Roshni Parate Posted on Nov 25, 2017

Wow, seems like a great trip, I had visited bhrigu lake in last year only and many other places in Manali

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Deepika Verma Posted on Nov 24, 2017

Such an amazing place and looks like so much fun too

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Papri Ganguly Posted on Nov 24, 2017

Love the view of kanchanjangha. Such a beautiful place it is


Nisha Malik Posted on Nov 24, 2017

I think it takes a lot of preparation to trek with kids. It is so adventurous to trek. Loved reading your experience.

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Prerna Sinha Posted on Nov 24, 2017

Such amazing place this seems to be and seems you had an amazing trek, will surely give it a try, thanks for sharing!

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Madhu Posted on Nov 24, 2017

Such a nice place... I hope you had a nice trip

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Jiya Posted on Nov 24, 2017

HAve heard a lot about Bhrigu lake but havent been there. Your post is amazing

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Jhilmil D Saha Posted on Nov 24, 2017

These pictures are already giving me vacation goals. The place is so beautiful

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Erisgoesto Posted on Nov 24, 2017

The views are beautiful! It seems like some fitness training is needed to scale the hike though. :)

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Rakhi Parsai Posted on Nov 23, 2017

This seems to be an amazing trek zone. We have been to Manali for our honeymoon but had not heard of this lake. I am sure it\'s a wonderful place to go along with the kids. As usual, I am thankful to you for showcasing beautiful places of India.

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Steffy Manju Posted on Nov 23, 2017

Amazing adventurous trip....must be fun haan....climate looks pretty good...

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Saakshi Posted on Nov 23, 2017

Loved your post! Makes me want to pack my bags and go on the trek right now!

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Priyanka Patwari Posted on Nov 23, 2017

wow very amazing place.. Hope you enjoyed a lot there..

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Sagar Posted on Nov 23, 2017

It was nice time travelling and trekking with you. Will look for more treks in future.

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Looks like u had great time in the adventure trip I\'m sure I wud go soon after reading it