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Book Review- Cake Test

The book, Cake Test has strong characters and a beautiful ‘add Think’ magic at the core of it. This is your book if you are looking at stories without any magic, fairies, wands and superpowers. Additionally you even get a Cake recipe to try out with your kids.

Title: Cake Test
Author: Pippa Goodhart
Illustrators: Jan McCafferty
Publisher: Egmont
Review: Cake Test, travels through two generations, effortlessly. It is a beautiful story about a boy who is born a prince but then has to be taught to be a king. And guess what, their is a perfect recipe for the same. With one secret ingredient.
And years later, the same king uses the same formula to choose the queen out of his triplet daughters; Princess Cherry, Princess Apple and Princess Hazel. For a change the girls in the book are not awaiting to be rescued by the Prince Charming. All they have to do is be themselves and add the secret ingredient. It is a fun read with great illustrations. Also the sentence forming is something your early readers, can learn from this.

What my twins learnt and loved: Sometimes you discover some lovely books in the least expected places. We picked this book at a stall at our twins’ school carnival. The twins often use ‘add Think’ to their daily chores now. So clearly the book has taught them to add their bit to everything they learn and do. What more can you ask of a book?

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Meena Posted on Sep 19, 2017

It\'s good idea to tell about the good books.


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