Comfy but Chic Style for Kids

The Chic yet Comfortable Clothing that Kids Love

Kid’s birthday parties are fast turning into red carpet events. But thankfully only for the moms. Yes, the kids today seem to have cracked it when it comes to a chic look that is equally comfortable. They are born with an attitude and they unconsciously pick clothes and accessories to reflect that. And that is exactly what we at KetchupMoms love and are happy to learn and share more about. We intend to stay off the pressure of the glam industry that is fast turning our kids into all dolled up mannequins. We are rather talking about brands and styles that let kids flourish and shine in their own lives.                                           

Junior Fashion WeekSo hop on, on our KetchupMoms Fashionable Friday wagon and know what the kids are loving this season. Kids-wear is not restricted to the frocks and t-shirts from our childhood. Today the kids can choose from trendy kid's night wears, rompers, skorts, culottes to special winter, summer and organic clothing. Interestingly, kid's fashion category is the fastest growing segment as per Flipkart and Amazon. But remember, it’s always better to choose styles which are comfortable for kids yet chic, choose the colors that compliments them rather than following a blind trends, that sometime look nothing more than a good piece of cloth to cut curtains from.

Some regular tips for the new moms first:

Junior Fashion Week

1) Choose comfort over everything else.

2) Easy dress-up and dress-down is very important to make changing or dressing time cranky-free. 

3) The activity quotient of the kids should always be considered. While a new born would be happy being all wrapped up, a crawling baby needs freedom-friendly clothes and a more independent kid needs a handy and comfy wardrobe.

4) During winters a layer more than what you are wearing is good to keep the kids warm. Don't overpack them.

5) Go for cotton or natural fabric clothes during summers. And even with the more fancy dresses, ensure the inner-linning is cotton. Remember the kids skin is 10 times more sensitive than an adult's. 

6) Clothes with buttons and zips that touch the kid's skin directly are strictly a big no-no. 

Now lets say hello to the the chic yet comfortable styling that we have put together for you. You can choose to go twinning with your little ones on these. You can add these to your own wardrobe or just let the little devils play themselves in the wonderland. These are also super adorable ideas for the moms who want their infants to look selfie-ready always.

I personally had a hard time picking one look for your little ones because:

 The latest kid's clothing has so much to pick from : Exciting prints in tees especially in pastel shades, Pin stripes, Bling sequence, Rompers and more. What I love though is that now the trend is not about the couture look, expensive brands, no, it is about throwing together a book which makes one look & feel good. It's about the kids living their childhood while daring to look trendy or classy.  

Shoes are a fashion statement on their own: There are sporty sneakers to fashionable designer shoes, from gladiators to metallic shoes and espadrilles to ballerinas. It’s all about their preference and how they want to carry it off with swag.

Handbags are adding that zing: Girls carrying slings with dresses and little boys sporting printed bag packs for that cool yet in command look…the kids today are making and showing off their independent characters. 

So here are my picks for your munchkin’s latest wardrobe, wearable trendy yet affordable.

Leafy flowery pattern for the boys to go wild: Colorful leafy patterns are cute and perfect motif to adorn this summer for the young hearts. Paired with right kind of shorts or denims for that cool but not trying to woo, look. 

                                               Kids Fashion Trends

Casual princess look for the girls: Ruffled pink cotton dress, makes it a perfect summer-wear paired with metallic shoes or sandals is new chic style. You know, when you are the princess and not waiting for your prince kind of look. 

                                         Newest Fashion Trends

Hope our comfy chic ensemble got a thumbs up from you. And while we are at it, how about using the elder siblings shirt with a belt for a quick party Diva? This is what I did to my 2 year old daughter at the Junior Fashion Week, last month and it was a runaway hit (shown in the first picture). 

I leave you with these trendy talks, but remember to sign in on our website for more mails and notifications on our Fashionable Fridays, Travelling Thursdays, Wellness Wednesdays, Testimonials Tuesdays and Motivational Mondays

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