4 great Christmas advertisements that will warm your heart this winter

Here’s hoping you you are celebrating the season with your loved ones. I know it is all about family get-togethers, fun mealtimes and gifts. And oh how can we forget the entertainment and consumer product industry that goes in an overdrive on every festive Occasion. So at KetchupMoms we put together 3 great Christmas advertisements that will warm your heart and make you (almost) forget that you are being asked to spend your money. Enjoy!

1. The land of make believe
If there is one tiny Christmas story you can fit into your kids’ day, it has to be this. It tops my list of perfect Christmas advertisements.

2. #Win Christmas. Now this one will always be a favourite from all the Christmas advertisements.
I know Christmas should be about giving and not scoring a brownie point but come on it’s all in the festival spirit. If Santa is listening I could do with a mother or a mother-in-law or even a sister-in-law doing the same. I won’t even swear, I promise!

3.I had tears in my eyes, some were of jealousy
Wow, I mean I would never fly any other airline again, ever. It is not about the gifts it is the sheer thought and the brilliance of its execution. Man some people still have their hearts on the right side of their body. And some Christmas Advertisements too.

Loved the ads? We did too. Keep coming back for such awesomeness.

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Charu Chhitwal

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