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Hello, Colgate Strong Teeth and Goodbye Cavities!

As a mom, I am always on the lookout for my children’s health, so I jumped at the opportunity to visit the Colgate Dental Camp in my city. After all, the brand that has been ensuring good oral hygiene for generations of people would make for the best teeth-guardians for my twins. And boy, am I glad I went for that dental check-up? Yes! 

My kids learnt so much more about their set of pearly whites. It was also nice to have the dental experts reiterate my style of brushing teeth, gentle but deep. But the best reminder came almost a week later as a message from the camp-

A SCARY REMINDER- Almost 1 in 4 kids in Delhi have cavities.

Kids Teeth

A thorough wakeup call, indeed! 

Thankfully, Colgate also took a positive step towards improving this drastic state of dental health among our kids. I received 5 dental cards to share with my friends and family. Each dental card entitled one to a free dental check-up.
When I shared this among my social circle, I even received a thank you note from a friend who said she had never taken her kids for a dental check-up before this, because she had assumed that milk teeth would eventually be replaced by a permanent set of teeth, and had thus far neglected the health of her little one’s teeth.

Thankfully, the dentist visited enlightened her and helped set her facts straight.

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A few days after the Colgate Dental camp, we received this lovely hamper from Colgate. Along with some of the calcium-rich foods that are great for teeth like kiwi, cheese, nuts, oranges and more, we also received our own pack of the re-launched, Colgate Strong Teeth.

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We also received an informative video that demonstrated how the Colgate Strong Teeth works. Click here for the video

Now the Colgate Strong Teeth is no ordinary toothpaste. New Colgate strong teeth with Amino Shakti, gives 4x strengthening power. Its unique formula helps add natural calcium to the teeth through the remineralisation process and makes them strong from within. My family has been loyal to Colgate for years, but with the new Colgate Strong

Teeth, the best just got better!

Hats off to Colgate for this lovely initiative. This dental health journey was every bit informative, and helped changed the perspective I had about dental health for the better. Good dental health is as important as physical and mental health, and there is no shortcut to it- a wholesome diet rich in calcium and proteins, regular dental check-ups,
and an excellent dental regime, made better by the Colgate Strong Teeth.

My family is all set for better dental health, about time yours is, too!

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