Tree House at Craignano Nature Park

Craignano Nature Park Is The Most Beautiful Secret Of Shimla

Craignano, about half an hour away from Shimla has everything to make a hill holiday unforgettable. Whistling woods, an inviting treehouse, a magical lake, flower-filled green meadows, undiscovered tracks and an eco-friendly play area for kids. And tranquillity!


Come summers, tourists from as far as Bengal and Gujarat flung Himachal Pradesh. Shimla, the queen of hills is a favourite for its proximity to places like Chandigarh and Punjab and Haryana. Also, it is a well-connected city with architecturally beautiful buildings like the Church on the ridge, the state library and the Advance Study. The visitors love the lazy strolls on its vehicle-less Mall Road. It is a city where you can enjoy treks and also temples. The scenic trips to nearby villages and resort destinations like Kufri, Naldhera are also a favourite. However, even in peak season if one wants to enjoy an exclusive green hideout, Craignano in Himachal is the answer. Personally, my kids were reminded of the magical Alice in Wonderland story.

craignano nature park stay Artist Statute at Craignano Shimla

Facts About Craignano

                                    Tree Trails

Perched at 7,700ft. CraigNano Nature Park is a medley of pine & oak forests and flowers like hyacinths, daffodils, celandine, asphodels and roses. Spread across 9.6 hectors, it becomes an enviable sight during spring, when more than 4000 red and pink tulips bloom and rhododendron trees turn into blazing red curtains in the background.
In fact, this park on top of Mashobra Hill was originally the summer resort of the Italian Countess of Craignano. Eventually, it was converted into a dak bungalow, which was only recently demolished. Now this place is an entertainment hub for families during the day and a playground for exquisite animals and birds like leopards, Himachal’s state-bird Monal, jungle fowl and more.

If you are lucky you might even get a glimpse of yesteryear hit actress Wahida Rehman who has a bungalow near-by. In fact, it is a popular place for movie shoots. Some hit movies like Hema Malini’s Kudrat, Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots, Amitabh’s Black, Ranbeer’s Tamasha and so many more.

Park Facts-

Entry Ticket- Rs.50 per head only.

Closest City- Shimla just 20-25 min. away.

An Eco-friendly Park- This is a place where you feel that the Himachal Government is determined to fight pollution. And the state-being a tourist-dependent one, taking eco-friendly steps in tourist hubs is a must. So in partnership with Rotary Club Shimla Midtown, the park provides you with a litter-bag.

                                            eco friendly initiative

For a security deposit of Rs.100, you get a re-useable jute bag to use and return. So please use this bag to keep Craignano litter free! Especially when you carry eatables and tetra packs and cans for a picnic. Either use the bins in the park or just dump the empty packets etc in this packet. On your way out return the bag and take your Rs.100 back.

A Picnic Hub

            Best Picnin spot

This place has beautiful pebble-laden trails for you to soak in the sunshine.

                                               Craignano Shimla with kids

There is a tree-house that is hands-down a major attraction. Just sitting there and listening to the chirping of the birds is soul-refreshing.


A small lake laden with fish, with wooden benches adjacent to it, is where you can sit and read a beautiful book or maybe even write one.

Flower trail   Flower Trail at Craignano Shimla

A flower garden with Buddha sitting right in the middle of it invites you to spread the picnic sheet and feed on nature. An ivy-covered hut, climber-laden sittings and the fragrance of roses make you want to settle down here. Forever.

Special Attraction For Kids

The CraigNano Nature Park sets the kids free. There is so much to explore, so many colourful butterflies to chase, noises of cricket and birds to imitate, pretend play to be a leopard hiding behind the trees or just aiming with their catapult.

Fun with kids  Activities for kids
Yet, the thrill of a monkey-bar, swings, slides, and merry-go-around never ceases to amaze and make kids happier. And trust me the kids will never forget this nature’s playground ever.


Well, it is advisable to carry your own food or snacks here. The park does not have a tuck-shop or cafeteria yet.


One can choose to take a local bus from Shimla to Mashobra and then walk uphill for 10-15 min.
But it is advisable to either drive-in in your own vehicle or hire a taxi. You will not find a one-way taxi back from the park itself.

Himachal is my home state. Shimla and Kufri my home-towns and so I know these places inside out.
Sadly some places in Himachal have been overexposed to tourism. Kufri, a neighbouring village itself is infested with thousands of horses, unmanned shanties selling unhygienic food and drinks. There are even dangerous and illegal adventure parks that fleece tourists. There is a monopoly of the taxi-unions and horse-owners who sadly even engage in unruly and bossy behaviour with the tourists. There are cat-calling, bag-snatching incidents and the unbearable stench of the horse-poop. The flora and fauna of the entire Mahasu peak have been destroyed. A place which was once a popular ski-destination with movies like Junglee, Arzoo, Pyaar Jhukta Nahin, Daag, King Uncle, Yeh Dillagi looks nothing more than a mountain of trash and puddle. The local administration really needs to wake up and take some stringent steps to revive the hills here.

And so here is hoping that CraigNano never loses its clean touch. The meadows full of white and purple flowers always greet us. The road-sides have nothing but tall trees whistling back at us. And all we leave behind is a promise to be back.
                                activities at craignano shimla with kids

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