Curiously different products you are free to burn your money on.

I have always liked my Jam Sandwich with some chilli paste in it. I know, it sounds weird and believe me I have been eating it inside my closet for fear of being judged. What a fool I have been. I am sure had I started a catering business I would have been a millionaire being written about and blogged of course. Stop smirking, there is a grand population out there who likes it different! That is the best I can explain these different products I am about to list.

Buddha shaped Pear

Buddha and Ganesha are forced to accept every housewarming party on this planet. Well, yes, I am also guilty as hell. Mutually we can agree that they make for the best gifts, curios, key-chains and well, even a deliciously edible Buddha Pear. Where? Well you guessed it ‘Made and Grown in China’ this Buddha Pear is very popular even at $8. Oh by the way, they also grow Buddha Melons and ship them around the globe, in case someone would like some extra luck. Wink, Wink!

Testamints Mint Candy

I don’t know how refreshing is the taste, but the idea is amazingly fresh, for some I am sure. Oh and in case a country is really sensitive about distributing pamphlets and other religion-related material, just open a store and get people to chew on a Bible verse. That is exactly what the makers of this different product – Testamints would like you to do at $7.25 for 140 Pieces.

The Dresstogo

For once I would like to stand up for the airlines who’d even charge you for the overhead oxygen reserve. Imagine the loss they incur every time a passenger flies away wearing 1o kg worth of extra baggage weight, for free. But make no mistake this €69.95 balloon shaped skirt dress with numerous pockets on and under the balloon shaped skirt won’t get you an invitation to the ballroom. Not even to the neighbours’ barbecue party. Maybe Halloween, yes.

Daniel Craig lollipop

However flattering it might be to the Bond actor’s ego, this really different product can gross out people with normal tastes. And yes, it is a candy but it would be advisable to keep it out of children’s reach. The limited-edition lollipop was made by Delmonte after a public poll and is available in blueberry, pomegranate and cranberry flavours. If you think this is crazy, what about this?

Magic shower heads

MagicShowerhead brings the colour to, well, a shower above your head at just $59.99 – $99.99. Hmm it also has the green, red and orange traffic light colour options, in case you like that combination. Truly a different product I say. Personally, I am very particular about the right temperature of the water, not so much the colour. But who am I to judge, oh and if you are interested you can even try their Disco MagicShowerhead for a club-like experience.

Unique Japanese Nose Lift

What God does not give you, the doctor gives you, so said a Bollywood starlet who is known more for going under the knife than acting. If only she had discovered this great Japanese innovation. In India we are so caught up with fairness creams that no company has discovered this. Yet.

Denture hair combo

The Royals I am sure liked their combs studded with diamonds and rubies. I am happy with the wooden combs and roller brushes. As for this denture hair combo, I’d rather brave a bad hair day than letting this anywhere near me hair or my hand.

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Bobby Posted on Jul 22, 2018

Cheers pal. I do apraecipte the writing.


Sachin Posted on Feb 28, 2015

Trying to comprehend the possible motivation behind the "Denture Hair Combo" innovation :-)

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Meena Posted on Feb 02, 2015

Very very interesting.


P c Posted on Feb 02, 2015

Buddha shaped pear is quite fascinating


Jaanwarr Posted on Feb 01, 2015

How about a Kim-K lolly too?

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Dc Posted on Feb 01, 2015

I must say I could not move on from the Buddha product. Some good luck


Sumeet Posted on Feb 01, 2015

Good laugh.


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