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Cybersecurity Workshop @GIIS, NOIDA by Cybersecurity Expert Mr Rakshit Tandon

KetchupMoms was invited by Global Indian International school Noida for a session on cybersecurity and cyberbullying by cybersecurity expert Mr. Rakshit Tandon. Our writer Stuti Sharma brings you the excerpts from the session, which is a part of the school's Global Leadership Lecture Series.

In India, every 10 minutes one cyber crime takes place and India ranks 4th in cybercrime. Isn't that shocking! As children we had faced the issues of population explosion and environmental challenges. But today’s generation is facing the challenge of information explosion. Internet has its pros and cons, and we as parents need to filter out these cons for our children. It is very important that parents too learn how to handle information these days and understand about cybersafety and security. And that is why such sessions by reputed schools conducted by experts like Mr Rakshit Tandon are priceless.

Crucial points we learnt at the cybersecurity session :

1. No child below 13 years of age is allowed to use networking sites. Please explain this to your children and refrain them from using these sites till appropriate age. Also, tell your children to maintain private accounts if they are above appropriate age for usage. Also talk to them about why they should not interact with strangers on social networking platforms. Convince your children to not share personal photographs on these sites, by explaining the dangers.

There is a 3 years imprisonment for cyberbullying!

2. Use two-step authentication process as a part of privacy settings for your Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Also you can easily connect your whatsapp to your laptop through WhatsApp web, where you can easily log out your whatsapp account in case your phone is stolen.

3. Never ever enter your credit card or debit card in a http:/ website. Only if the web address begins with htttps:/, that means the computer is talking to the website in a secure code that no one can eavesdrop on.

4. While checking the name of the website, first look for the domain extension (.com, .in, .org, .net,, etc.) because most of the bank frauds occur due to these misleading webpages. For eg is the correct website page but is the fraud website. Hence it is important to always remember your bank website and the little details.

5. Refrain from giving your debit and credit cards to any person for swiping. as they can be easily cloned and do not furnish the details of your cards and bank accounts to anyone ever in lieu of gifts as they are obviously fake.

 No child below 13 years of age is allowed to use networking sites.

Mr Rakshit Tandon also shared some facts on Cyberbullying:

1) 70% of cyberbullying perpetrators are young children.

2) There is a 3 years imprisonment for cyberbullying!

3) Refraining the children from touchscreen usage from early on is a good idea. It has been widely accepted and proved that the touch-screens are causing addiction in toddlers as well leading to disturbance in their sleep hormones.

4) Talk to your child. A two way communication with the child is very important in this viral-hungry world. Observe any changes in your child's behaviour. Talk to you child in case you feel something is bothering him/her. And listen, if the child has something to say, hear him/her out. Have a relationship where the child will reach out to you incase you of any trouble.

In case your child is facing any cyberbullying issue you can reach out to our Child Safety Expert & writer, Anushree Chhabria, M A in Child and Adolescent Psychology. Just leave a question in the comment or write to us at 

Due to sudden boom of internet in India, things are going viral every second. No wonder India, has the highest no. of whatsapp users in world! Therefore, it is high time to realise that mobile and laptops are not toys to be gifted to our children! We need to pay attention to technology addiction as we are role model for our children. As a society it is the need of the hour to generate awareness on the issue of cybersafety and netiquettes!

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Sabeen Posted on Nov 01, 2017

This is an excellent thing you have covered and shared


Ranaut Posted on Oct 24, 2017

Thank you this is brilliant information



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