DIY Nature Craft – Lemon Scarecrow!

Motherhood changes your life and the way you look at it. Earlier, a rainy day meant long drives, darkness meant candle-light dinners. Now of course they mean viral flu and accidents respectively. If you agree with me, Now, think Fall and tell me what crosses your mind? Pumpkin cakes, lemon tarts, orchard visits, leaf art, colour craft and well everything that kids would like to do. Right? It is for me.

My twins are almost 4 and this summer we played find the colour game, alphabet hunt, and even spent a day with an ant. So with fall coming in, we wanted to do something different yet simple and fun. A walk in the garden gave us some more time to think and then we had our ‘Sir Isaac Newton’ moment. Well, almost. Instead of an apple we encountered a lemon tree, and discovered our creativity. Then we collected some yellow, green and red leaves in different shapes and sizes and a lot of lemons and headed straight to our activity table We put three heads together and voila a scarecrow emerged. A tangy, round, all dressed up scarecrow that you would love to decorate your dinner table with. And instead of scaring away it will attract the hungry!

What you need:
Leaves in at least 2 different colours
2 small and one big lemon
The stem of a plant that is strong and long. Ideally it should have some leaves at the top that can double up as hair.
2 twigs
Glitter tubes
Needle and thread
Thin Skewer

Step 1:
Make a hole all the way through the lemons using a skewer.

Step 2:
Now take the long and strong stem of the plant and run it through the three lemons. Keep the biggest one at the bottom. We used a slightly longish lemon at the top to depict the face. Once done place it upright on a table. This is the body with the beautiful hair at the top. If you are unable to find such a plant, you can use a simple long stick and then use fern or maize silk. Simply stick it on the head of the top lemon.


Step 3:
Now with the skewer make two holes at either side of the middle lemon. Insert a twig in each of the two holes to make the arms.


Step 4: 

Thread 2 different coloured leaves together to make a skirt and tie it around the top of the bottom-most lemon.


Step 5:
Now for the top – the torso. Use the glitter glue to mark off the buttons and the collar. Also mark off the eyes, nose and the smile. You can also use stickers if you’d like.


Step 6:
Now for that autumnal effect add a flower to the hair. Now find that perfect spot for the Lemon Scarecrow and sit back and enjoy!

 sonu image

Hope you found this interesting. Do let us know by leaving a comment below.

Comments (13)

Moumita Sen Posted on May 16, 2019

That\'s real a cute piece of DIY and loved the way you explained it


Aishwarya R Posted on May 14, 2019

Ha ha this is such a cute scare crow, literally and it seems like a very intersting activity


Anuradha Mohan Posted on May 14, 2019

Looks really cute and such a fun DIY for kids especially during summer breaks


Purnima Madan Posted on May 14, 2019

The scarecrow is really adorable. I\'ve neither seen anything like this nor thought about and easy to make though. Will make one like this and keep it in my balcony garden.


Sonam Posted on May 14, 2019

Haha this is fun and cute.. Ill try it with my lo

  Reply Posted on May 14, 2019

Definitely will try with my pumpkini am sure thy enjoy doing it tysm for sharing..


Raffa Posted on Feb 23, 2016

Omg, this is so cute! I have to try it!

  Reply   View Reply

heyleelay Posted on Feb 18, 2016

I was actually munching on a lemon while I read this. HAHAHAHA. I love sour fruits!

  Reply   View Reply

Riley Reign Posted on Feb 18, 2016

These are SO cute OMG! As the oldest sibling of (soon to be) 7 kiddos this would be such a fun project! Must try!!!

  Reply   View Reply

Georgia Posted on Feb 18, 2016

This is such a cute activity, my daughter will be 3 this year and I'm hoping soon she will enjoy sitting down and doing crafty things with me! This will definitely be on the agenda!

  Reply   View Reply

ROBERT LEE Posted on Feb 18, 2016

That is so cute! Once again, a reminder that I wished I had a daughter, I bet she would love doing that too!


Capers Rouge Posted on Feb 18, 2016

Very interesting activity. I shall practice it with my niece very soon :)

  Reply   View Reply

travelingmind2anywhere Posted on Feb 18, 2016

That is cute! I might try that with lime or orange.


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