This Women’s Day, Empower Your Parents With Digital Knowledge!

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This Women’s Day we are celebrating empowered women those who have the power to change other’s lives. KetchupMoms and Simply Digital, The Digital School at Gurgaon, India present an empowering 6 module (2.5 hrs each) program designed to make your parents DIGITALLY INDEPENDENT. Register at . If you are still wondering why Digital Knowledge is so important, read on.


When it comes to introducing the older generation to the benefits of technology, our patience seems to run out. While our children have been raised with the idea that any information is a click away, the possibility of being able to book flights and hotels and pay bills online is unknown and scary for the generation that has come before us.

To counter this fear and empower senior citizens with digital knowledge, Simply Digital, The Digital School, Gurgaon, has launched a ‘Digital for Senior Citizens’ program – a practical, need based course covering all aspects of technology that can be useful to senior citizens. From learning to connect with their friends, children and grandchildren over email and Skype, to downloading applications for music, ordering groceries online or banking on the internet, this course in Gurgaon running over three weekends could change your parents’ lives.

“I joined the Digital for Senior Citizens course because I wanted to be independent. If the driver is not at home and I need to go to the doctor or to meet my grandchildren, I don’t like to depend on my children to leave their work and pick me up. Now I have learnt to just call a cab on the Uber app on my phone. At the Digital for Senior Citizens classes, I also learnt to all the home bills online, get direction on Google Maps and order use Skype and Facebook to remain connected. I don’t need to depend on anyone anymore – it almost feels like I’m 30 again!’’

Mrs Sharma and many others like her are now at the end of their classes. With a few more classes to go, the current batch is already well on its way to digital independence. You can also help your parents enjoy the digital world and gift them an admission into the Digital for Senior Citizens Programme this March – you’ll absolutely love the transformation in them! For more information, call +91 9818297337.
Said Mrs. Sharma, 62, who is enrolled in the current course.

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Preeti Patil Posted on Apr 17, 2017

Great Article on Digital-Knowledge.

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