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Discover yourself and the world with The Road Less Travelled

Exploration, they say, is the act of searching for the purpose of discovery. From tasting the local cuisine to learning lost culinary skills, from unearthing fascinating stories to the small, tucked away souvenir shops, each exploration is an abundance of memories - an unforgettable journey.

The Road Less Travelled (TRLT) is a bunch of adventure and experience enthusiasts who are passionate about spreading their enthusiasm with those who have a desire to explore!

There are a series of well thought out experiences that they offer:

The Road Less Travelled (TRLT) is a bunch of adventure and experience enthusiast

Amar Vichitra Katha - 

A unique journey through the interactive medium for the young, inquisitive mind that is open to experience, Amar Vichitra Katha offers weekend explorations, which are closely associated with what they learn at school, and which directly contributes to a visual confirmation of general knowledge. 

Spend one of your weekend with your kids in their Cave Exploration or Organic Farming or their unique Treks and camps and be a part of their Amar Vichitra Katha.

Walking Adventures -
TRLT’s walking tours will give you a chance to wander off the beaten track, gaze at known and unknown sights and interact with the locals. It will allow you to have unscripted conversations with strangers or stumble upon secret local haunts. But most exciting of all, these walking holidays will give you an opportunity to leave your stamp on a place and take a bit of it away with you.
The All Women’s Trek to commemorate the International Women’s Day, The Trail of the Pandavas, Bond with the mountains are some of their Walking Adventure tours.

Road Adventures 

Adventure road trips have suddenly caught the fancy of the urban diaspora and with good reason. Be it a fun filled trip with friends or a lovely getaway with your family, there is something for everyone. You can take a spiritual trip from Kolkata to Varanasi or just a fun one with friends from Mumbai to Goa. If you want to turn up the excitement levels, sign up for a camping adventure in the Himalayas. Also, March of Eve, one of their Road Adventures is something which you will never want to give a miss. 

Wildlife Adventures 

Animals should be seen in their true spirit and glory, in their natural habitat. Away from the hustle and bustle of cities, amidst many acres of land that make up the hundreds of national parks and wildlife vacation options. If you want to hear the bellow of animals or the chirping of birds, head out on a wildlife adventure with us. Watch the majestic Bengal tiger stretch its feline body or gaze in wonder as the elusive snow leopard saunters around for its morning snack.

                                      the road less travelled, Ketchupmoms, travel, unique travel, explore, roadless travelled, adventures, journey, travel fest,
The TRLT team has walked these roads, and has been mesmerized by these sights. The scent is familiar and the trail is their friend. They have been there as tourists and have discovered things which they would like to share with you, make you feel like it's a part of you rather than something you see, photograph and forget. TRLT understands adventure travel. They bring celebrated but obscure destinations and provide authentic, safe and luxurious experiences.

Come Along…. Join TRLT on a journey of discovery of oneself & the world around us…

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Veena Posted on Jan 05, 2018

Love the awesome and unique traveling ideas


Stuti Sharma Posted on Jan 02, 2018

It\'s so out-of-the-box! A must try!


Shankar Ganesh

Managing Director and Co-founder, Nyka Events and Partner, The Road Less Travelled, am an avid trekker and has successfully completed multiple treks in the Himalayas. A passionate foodie and your go-t

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