DIY Christmas Tree for Fun Table Decor

Growing up in the small hill town Shimla, in India, we always looked forward to a white Christmas. More often than not we woke up to the entire hill-side decorated by real snowflakes. The Christian community held Christmas fares, the iconic Church on the ridge was a sight to see and the mountains echoed the beautiful carols and choirs. This DIY Christmas Tree for Fun Table Decor is my attempt of re-living that joy with my twins. 

Things you need-
Cardboard or even thick poster sheet will do
Green paper sheets - 2
Plain white sheet -1
Red wool
Colour pencils
Scotch tape
Decorative shapes and mirrors
A pair of scissors

Step 1- Fold the cardboard or the poster sheet into a big conical shape to make the base of the tree.

Step2- Roll the green sheet similarly and slip it on top of the cardboard or poster sheet.

Step 3- Cut the layers of the poster sheet into frills, like you see in the pictures below.

Step 4- Then take strips from the extra sheet and make frills for the top part of the tree. Stick it with Fevicol.

Step 5- For the Santa Hat, just cut a square out of the white sheet. Fold it in the shape of a funnel and stick it. Now take a long strip and stick it on top of the cap. Colour it red, except the bottom part for that read and white effect.

Step 6) For the red flower at the end of the cap, just roll some wool around your two fingers. Then tie the centre of it with a thread. Cut the two ends. BINGO

Step 6) Draw the various elements you want to decorate your tree with - bells, flowers, socks, mittens, gifts and reindeers. Stick them on the tree.

Step 7) On the edges of the frills, you can stick golden stars, flowers and other such small decorative elements.

Step 8- Place the Santa cap on the top, now sprinkle some glitter and your DIY Christmas Tree is ready.

We plan to bake some cookies and attend some Christmas Carnivals. If you are looking for some more fun craft we suggest you try these Globally Inspired Christmas Cards or check out our picks of the best Christmas Food blogs. 

Comments (8)

Rachael Stray Posted on Nov 13, 2017

This looks really cute and something you could do with little ones to get them involved too.


Minakshi Bajpai Posted on Nov 07, 2017

Wow This DIY step by step is very useful and we\'ll explained. I am going to try it out soon.


Bulbul Varma Posted on Nov 06, 2017

Aww this is such a cute blog post!


Rashmi Posted on Nov 06, 2017

Lovely post charu.. looks like so much fun. Will try these whem my son grows up a bit.


Snehal Posted on Nov 06, 2017

So fun for the kids! Will try with my lil cousin!


Poornima M Reddy Posted on Nov 06, 2017

Such diy are soo amazing... I got a new idea for this Christmas... Thank you


Shubhada Bhide Posted on Nov 06, 2017

Whoa!! This DIY Christmas tree is super cute. I was thinking that this is the best DIY activity ideas for my kids. I am sure that they\'ll enjoy doing this DIY Christmas tree decor.


Priyanka Patwari Posted on Nov 06, 2017

Thanks for sharing the tips to make DIY Christmas Tree so beautifully.. Definitely try this...


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