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DIY Eid Craft For Kids

When teaching your kids about different cultures and religions, craft activities are hands down the most effective and interesting. So we decided to celebrate Eid with a simple craft that involves motor skills.

Why do we celebrate Eid? 

 Bakrid or Eid-al-Adha or Eid-ul-Zuha, also popularly known Bakra Eid is celebrated on the 10th or 12th of Dhul hijjah, as per the Islamic Calendar. It is believed that on this very day Prophet Ibrahim, sacrificed his son to prove his faith in God. But God's angel Jibra'il replaced his son with a sheep. Since that day this festival marks the ultimate spirit of sacrifice. Food is shared with the neighbours and friends and the needy. Prayers are offered at the Mosques and hugs are shared liberally. 

Age appropriate: 4-6 yrs old

Benefits: This craft helps develop the motor skills of your child. It involves cutting, colouring and pasting which requires concentration and develops strong muscles.

What you require:

 A pair of scissors


Glitter Sticks

White Paper Sheet

Black Paper Sheet

Golden Stars



1) Draw an outline of a Mosque on the black sheet.

2) Paste bits of white paper to highlight the Mosque.

3) Outline the Mosque and fill in the windows and door with silver glitter.

4) Scribble EID MUBARAK with a moon on the side.


5) Paste small golden stars to highlight the letters.

6) Fill in the silver glitter inside the Moon drawing. 

7) You can embellish your creation by adding a glitter-border or more.

Hope you had fun doing this simple craft. Keep coming back for more and leave a comment if you like our craft. 

Happy Eid!

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Ricky Posted on Jul 21, 2018

For the love of God, keep writing these arsiclet.


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