Halloween Balloon Doll

DIY Halloween Balloon dolls for kids

 Ok so I know what we are making this halloween, our Halloween Balloon-doll. It is super easy and quick and well fun. But first, why do we celebrate Halloween? Traditionally Halloween marks the day between the fall or harvest season and the winter or the dark season. Halloween is said to have its roots in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. It is believed that people in Ireland & Scotland have been celebrating it for years, where they lit bonfires and dressed up to ward off evil spirits. Also they used to leave fruits and nuts as treats and not candies like today. So October 31st is the great day, and we want to be ready with our books and our craft - Halloween Balloon-doll.

Age appropriate - 5-9 yrs old.

Benefits - This is a fun craft to teach kids about a new culture and festival. The craft tests your child's imagination and enhances motor-skills. 

❤️ What you need
-Decorative stars etc
-colour pens
-Ribbons/ paper strips ( we used quilling strips) for hair


Step 1- Inflate one balloon and paste the decorative wall over it to make the body of the doll.

Step 2- Inflate another balloon, stick the strips as hair on it.

Step 3- We used face-tattoo pens and glitter paints to make the eyes and lips etc. You can experiment with wobbly eyes, buttons, paper-strips. 

Step 4 - Now just tie the two balloons together and you have wobbly, scary Halloween Balloon-dolls ready.

This craft is easy and fun. So we hope you will have a lovely time trying this out. And this craft can make for a great Halloween Party Decor too. 

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Ranaut Posted on Oct 25, 2017

It’s very good & easy way to teach the small kids.


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