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DIY Snake Puppet with Old Socks

DIY Snake Puppet with Old Socks and me?

The lighting speed with which motherhood is changing my DNA, I am pretty close to attaining nirvana. Seriously, anyone who knows me, will vouch for my two left hands in art. But that was that, before the twins arrived. Now I could soon start my tutorials on DIY crafts. From balloon dolls to ribbon-flowers to Tetra Pak castles and now DIY snake puppets with old socks. 

DIY Snake Puppets are fun to make

DIY Snake Puppets are fun to make and can keep your kindergartens happily busy for a long long time. And isn't it fun to finally find some good use of that single sock in the cupboard. Seriously where do these keep popping out of? 

Snake and Puppet Trivia:

1) Snakes in Hindi are called Saanp, in French Serpent, in German Schlange, and Serpiente in Spanish. 

2) Ophidiophobia or Herpetophobia - The fear of snakes and fear of reptiles like lizard and snakes respectively, are the most common phobias worldwide.

3) The Indian gray mongoose is well known for its ability to fight and kill venomous snakes like Cobra and is immune to its venom.  

4) The heaviest Snake in the world weighs more than 250kg, and its is the Anaconda.

5) Snakes do not have external ears or eardrums. Sound vibration is picked intercepted by their skin, muscles, and bones to their inner ears. 

6) There are different kind of puppets- hand puppets, shadow puppets, finger puppets, stick puppets, Ventriloquist’s Dummy, Marionette which is pretty much like katputlis from India. 

2) Historians belive puppetry originated in Europe.

3) Some of the worldwide famous puppeteers are : Jim Henson, Shari Lewis and Frank Oz

What you need:
1 Old sock


Paper Strips

Shapes and stickers for eyes

A pair of scissors

A sketch pen of your choice of colour.

Step By Step:

1) Wear the sock like a glove on your hand.

2) Now Stick the eyes on the top of the hood.

3) Now stick the paper strip to make the tongue at the mouth of the Snake Puppet.

4) Now add polka dots to make a spotted-snake body.

Your Snake Puppet with recycled sock is ready. Do let us know in the comment section as to what did you think about it.

Comments (15)

Nikki Posted on Jul 21, 2018

Thank you so much for this arctlie, it saved me time!


Snigdha Prusti Posted on Jan 12, 2018

This is really cute.. My son will love it for sure.. Will try to make this cute puppet at home ..


Dipika Singh Posted on Jan 11, 2018

This is amazing and super easy. We are trying this craft on weekend itself, Thanks for sharing.


Tripti Posted on Jan 11, 2018

Wow these are so amazing and simple to teach kids :)


Sheetal Posted on Jan 11, 2018

Such creative and Beautiful ideas younahve shared indeed. It would be of great help


Deevya Posted on Jan 11, 2018

Haha!! This is so cute... :)


Roshni Parate Posted on Jan 11, 2018

Thanks for the Step By Step guide to make snake puppet from old socks. Will teach my small sister.


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay Posted on Jan 10, 2018

It\'s really a new think for me. Like this concept too much.


Nisha Malik Posted on Jan 10, 2018

I love your DIY posts. They are very easy to follow and full of fun.


Khushboo Posted on Jan 10, 2018

That\'s a very creative and useful way to use socks..


Papri Ganguly Posted on Jan 10, 2018

This idea is really cool. Will try it for my baby.


Minakshi Bajpai Posted on Jan 10, 2018

\r\nThis is one such creative way to recycle the old socks. I am definitely going to try this out and I hope I get succeeded.


Jhilmil Posted on Jan 10, 2018

Ha ha, that was a fun snake puppet to do with kids. Interesting and engaging creatively with kids is all what I look for. Shall try.


Aayisha Siddiqua Posted on Jan 10, 2018

This is so easy to make, will make it along with my niece. It will be a fun time for both of us to bond over.


Anchal Posted on Jan 10, 2018

This looks so much fun. Thanks for sharing.


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