love what you do

Do you love what you do?

"It’s not about how much work you do, but how much love you put into what you do, that counts" – Mother Terrasa

We all get bugged up or feel bogged down with work. At one point or other, we all get irritated with work. Sometimes even the thought of work stresses us out. Recall the household chores, we will instantly get frustrated with that highly demanding in-laws, the non-cooperative life-partner or with the challenging teenagers or with the dependent toddlers or with that ridiculing relatives or that irritating neighbours/shopkeepers or with that servant who thinks that she is indispensable, and the list goes on.

Similarly, thought of the conflict at work, we will probably have the perpetrators in our mind -that incompetent colleague , that aggressive boss or that resource hoarding peer in another department or that lazy, disorganized subordinate and so on. We spend undue amount of time complaining, whining, fighting, and avoiding people and work. Have you ever wondered “why”?!

Do what you love to doIn Mahabharata, Arjun once asked Lord Krishna, “ Lord, why is Karna considered greater than Yudhishtir? Neither have ever refused whatever has been asked for, irrespective of who ever asked for it”. Lord Krishna smiled and said “Come, I shall show you, why is it”. Both Arjun and Lord Krishna disguised themselves as needy brahmins and went to Yudhishtir’s court and asked for sandalwood sticks to conduct yagna. Yudhishtir immediately sent his soldiers to all parts of his kingdom to search for sandal wood sticks. It was monsoon season and trees were all wet and therefore the soldiers returned with wet sandal wood pieces. But Yagna was not possible with the wet sandal wood sticks.

Now Krishna and Arjun proceeded to Karna’s court and asked for sandal wood sticks. Karna thought for a while and said “As it is raining for several days now, it will be impossible to get dry sandal wood sticks. But there is a way out! Please wait for a while” Saying this , Karna proceeded to chop and cut down the doors and windows of the court which were made of sandal wood. He made them into small pieces and gifted them to the Brahmins to conduct yagna. The Brahmins accepted the offerings and went back.

On their way back, Lord Krishna asked Arjun “ Did you realize the difference between the two?” Had we asked Yudhishtir to give his doors and windows for us to conduct yagna, he would have also given. But he did not think of it in the first place by himself. We did not ask Karna either, but he did. Yudhishtir gave because that was his dharma. But Karna gave because he loved to give and so, he somehow found a solution , irrespective of the problem he was also into. Whatever you do, it becomes noble and easy, if you do it with love. Therefore, Karna is greater.

Similarly, even we always do a job because –
1. We have been asked to do OR
2. It is our duty/ responsibility to do OR
3. It is a rule/ law to do OR
4. To earn money/fame 
 Do we do a job like Karna who loved what he did inevitably??

Our work fills a larger part of our life and the only way to be truly satisfied, is to do what we believe as the Great Work and the only way to do "Great Work", is to love what we do. Doing what we do is freedom but liking what we do is happiness. The love what we pour into our work is what will take us to create something beautiful and good and that’s what makes the difference. By loving what we do, we inspire and awaken the hearts of others.

So, being passionate about what we do, opens door to joy and abundance and may be, we will never feel “working” even a single day in our life !!

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