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Dr. Unnati Gupta warns us about the effects of Food Adulteration on our Kid's Teeth

We consider our kid's dental hygiene to be outstanding if they brush twice a teeth. But is that enough? How about the effects of Food Adulteration on our Kid's Teeth? 

Yes, every time we buy our kids candies and bake them a Birthday Cake which is a colour riot, are we really treating them? Do we even understand and know the hidden dangers in our everyday food? How about artificial food dyes, are they really safe for consumption? KetchupMoms's Editor Sabeen Beg brings us the answers directly from Dr. Unnati Gupta - Author of Tooth Parenting, with a practising career of more than two decades.  

dental care, food adulteration, artificial food dye, kid's health

Q1: Tell us about artificial colour. Present in the candies and other edible commodities?
A. Artificial food dyes or food colouring are a dose of chemicals derived from PETROLEUM.
There has been constant criticism of using food dyes and this is further fortified by the fact that the US FDA has confirmed that there use can cause hyperactivity and behavioural problems in children but they are permissible under the law as they greatly influence sales.

Q2: How do they effect teeth?
A. Artificial colours cause temporary change in the colour of the teeth. But the challenge comes from the products they are added to like sweets, candies & aerated drinks. The extraordinary high content of sugar causes bacterial growth and cavities!! The stickiness just adds to their harmfulness

Q3: How to prevent the rotting of children's teeth?
A. It's important that we restrict candies / biscuits/ chocolates consumption in our kids. They should never be given as an appreciation of good behaviour as this psychologically justifies the use of refined sugars. Brushing soon after the consumption of candies prevent the growth of cavity forming bacteria. 

- Night brushing has to be done without fails make sure you brush your teeth at night as your child learns from the examples you set.

- Eating fruits which are considered detergent diet should be encouraged .As it is high in fibre and also good for health because of high vitamin and antioxidants content

dental hygiene, food adulteration, Indian sweets

Q4: With Diwali around the corner and Mithai Flavour taking over, what is your advise to the people?
A. Diwali is celebration time and we link it to distribution and consumption of sweets.
It's imperative that we remember that with High consumption of sugar and late night snacking the importance of brushing at night is even more than the regular nights, for both the children and adults. Frequent rinsing and brushing twice a day is of prime importance and cannot be replaced by anything.

Dr Unnati graduated from King George's Medical College, Lucknow in 1995. She has a rich, vast and diverse experience in patient care. With international experience in Sydney, Australia, as Clinician and Practice Manager. Being a thorough professional with 20 yrs of experience she can take on the most complicated task with great ease. She has also authored and dedicated a book to tooth care for children call " Tooth Parenting ".
Currently practicing in her own practice in South Extension 2.
She also provides complimentary services to residents and staff of "Missionaries of Charity."

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Prabhu Posted on Nov 01, 2017

Thanks for this information Dr Unnati Ji...


Ranaut Posted on Oct 24, 2017

Very valuable information. Especially with all the candies around


Jayanti Ramnath Posted on Oct 12, 2017

wow...what a wonderful information ....a good eye opener about the ill-effects of food dyes on our teeth..tx a lot


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