Quick DIY Craft -Make a Tree from an Egg Tray

Keeping kids engaged surely takes an entire town. Everyday they look for something new. A new book, toy, experience and much more. On a snowy day, rainy day or just an ordinary day, busy kids are happy kids. So here’s a 5 min. craft that your toddler will love to engage with.

‘Crafting’ can be a lot of fun if it is done with things easily available at home. A bottle cap, an extra bangle, toilet-paper roll, egg tray, buttons, all are interesting accessories that can be used for craft activities for your kids. In this column we will be making a tree out of a humble egg tray.

Things that you will need :
Coloured paper
An egg tray
Child-friendly Paints
Glue and
A paint brush

Step 1: Cut an egg tray into 3X3 squares.You can also take a larger area (keep it square), if you want the artwork to be pasted on one of the walls in your child’s room. Fold the coloured paper in half. You will be using it later to stick the painted egg-tray on, to prepare a greeting card.

Step 2: Now ask your child to paint it green. Believe me, they will love painting in the highs and lows, this would be a great, new 3D experience for them.

Step 3: Now remove any one of the corner egg cubicles.

Step 4: Draw an outline for the tree trunk on the card and ask your child to paint it brown.

Step 5: Stick the egg tray on the top and your tree card is ready!

Try it this weekend and make your walls go green.

A graduate of NIFT and a Textile Designer by profession, KetchupMoms guest writer, Shruti Kathuria’s everyday is a happy riot of colour, music and a search for creativity in simple things. Her 3 year-old brings the best out of her with her ideas like drawing a picture out of stones or making a collage with newspapers. Everyday she learns from her daughter and her daughter learns from her.

Comments (4)

Brandie Posted on Jul 21, 2018

Thkining like that is really amazing


Ranaut Posted on Jan 30, 2015

parents and grandparents are always looking forward to activity ideas to keep their kids busy.


P c Posted on Jan 30, 2015

Very good initiative to get kids off all the gadgets. Lovely and simple article


Sumeet Posted on Jan 29, 2015

Nice activity for kids.


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