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The world is ready to heal itself. At least I’d like to believe in this. Ending the year on a positive note can do so much for all of us. Especially for our kids. Yes, the planet choking on the misdeeds of humans is no new news, really. But all of us coming together and initiating some action (which could fly or miss) is what makes the coming year promising. And I have felt this surge of hope all around me, all of last week – in 35+ mothers daring a soccer league for the first time in their life, in the Delhi Government finally trying to tackle pollution, in the forgiveness my daughter showered on me, in the Maybelline eyeliner that concealed my facial paralysis for four years now, and in a team of doctors who deliver baby girls for free!

35+women turn into Soccer Moms: This one gets as personal as possible. So one fine morning a friend casually remarked how we should start (not join, start!) a mom’s soccer team and take part in the School’s DPSI league, due a month later. I have no clue what motivated us to roll into this virgin territory just at the start of winters in India. But roll we did, it was easier for me given my shape and size. No not the playing, the rolling. But kicking was another ball game altogether. After the first practice session we were introduced to some new muscles and others that had been long-forgotten under layers of inertia. Yet we played. We lost one match and drew the other (no kidding, against a seasoned soccer team), most importantly the game itself won us over. And our spirit gave so much hope to others that now we have a coach. Atta Girls!

Delhi Government fighting pollution: When the newspapers flashed pictures of Delhi marathon runners with a face mask, the dangers of pollution ran through everyone’s minds. Instead of crying about it, Indian capital’s government has suggested taking half the cars off the roads. Yes as a trial run from Jan 1st to Jan 15th cars with even/odd number plates will ply on alternate days. Of course there are some exemptions for public transport and ambulances etc. Will it change the face of Delhi? I hope like hell it does because WHO ranked Delhi as the most polluted city, last year.

Forgiven by my daughter: Have you shouted at your kids? Spanked them or at least hit them on their hand? Well I did, just last week. Did I feel in control then, and supreme? NO! I just felt very helpless and out of control. Later that evening while reading a book to my daughter, I apologised. I wasn’t really expecting any answer or reaction from a 4 years old. But this is what she said trying to reassure me “It is ok mumma, I did not get hurt. Really.”

Did I feel in control then? No I felt like the monster I warn them against. Yet I felt hopeful that I will never repeat it.

 Maybelline EyelineryelinerBells Palsy, KetchupMoms, High Five, Soccer, Even odd, Delhi, hope, Laxmi Aali During the seventh month of my pregnancy I experienced facial paralysis or Bell’s Palsy. I had never heard of it till then. Now I have lived with it for over four years, you can hardly notice it (except when I am really tired or dehydrated). At that time the right side of my face was so badly affected that I could not even smile back at my newborns.

Initially it was a pain looking at myself but along with my husband’s support and Maybelline Eyeliner I have been able to face the world. Today after blowing a thousand candles, inflating an equal number of balloons my face has some what returned to normalcy. And what these face excercises have not healed, a thicker layer of Maybelline on the left eyelid and a thinner line on the right conceals.

‘Laxmi Aali’: In Pune, India, a group of doctors are giving hope to yet-to-be-born girls. They not only wave off their delivery charges if you have a baby girl, they even treat the kids for free, including immunization. It is known as ‘Laxmi Aali’, where ‘Laxmi’ stands for both money and the goddess of money ‘Laxmi’.

These small and big things fuel hope into the darkest areas of your heart. So next time when someone robs your peace of mind run through all the positives around you. Remember the teenager who offered you that seat in the metro. That stranger who wished you a good morning. The girl who told you, you had dropped your wallet. Most importantly remember to be that teenager, stranger or girl who gave hope to others.

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jayanti Posted on Dec 12, 2015

wow....very well written charu....loved reading it....

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