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Experience Different Diwali Across Different States Of India

To celebrate the diversity of Indian culture, travel with Kids, through India, during Diwali. From Kashmir to Varanasi to the beach destination Goa, Diwali lights up hearts and streets across the nation. Each town celebrates it in grandeur even if for different reasons. Some string flowers together, some float diyas and some burn demons.

                                                       Diwali Celebration in India

Here is your festive guide to help you choose your travel destination in India, during Diwali-

                                                      Varanasi Diwali: Ketchupmoms

Dev Diwali Of Varanasi:

Diwali or Deepavali is celebrated across India on a moonless night in November. However, the town of Varanasi celebrates Dev Diwali, 15 days later on a full moon night. Together the diya-lit ghats and the moonlight skies welcome the Devs or the Gods from heaven. Kids are sure to be left in awe of this mesmerizing view.

It is indeed believed that on this day, Gods descend to Varanasi for their royal bath. Also a bath in Ganga is said to purify and free any human being of his bad deeds and karma. It is a good idea to book your hotel in advance, to not face any accommodation availability issues later.

Narayan Diwali in Kashmir :

Lord Narayan, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu is an integral part of the Diwali celebrations in Kashmir. Along with Goddess Lakshmi of course. ‘Sleep with happiness’ or Sukhsuptika as Diwali is known as in the valley, is celebrated through Ekadeshi to Deepavali night. Diyas are lit to brighten up all corners of the town and especially under trees. And sweet poories are offered to the deities and the worshiped.

We suggest to make it truly unforgettable for your kids, take them on a houseboat and light it up with diyas in the middle of the Dal Lake. Or just hire 4-5 smaller boats and light them up with your own Diwali decorations. Also don’t forget to pack in your kid’s woolens for this season.

The Krishna Diwali in Goa - Kids love Goa for its beaches and kid-friendly hotels like Taj. And Diwali in Goa is a double scoop of ice cream for them. It is nothing less than the Goa Carnival really. The entire town is decked up and huge effigies of demon Narakasura are rolled out. Each effigy is scarier and larger than life-size and only the best win competitions.

So think of a cashew filled Diwali in the beaches of this coastal town.

The Golden Diwali in Amritsar:

Right in the heart of Amritsar stands tall the most significant and holy symbol of Sikhism, The Golden Temple. The kitchen of which is known to feed more than a lakh of people or worshippers everyday.

And the foundation of this magnificent and awe-inspiring Temple was laid in 1577 on Diwali. Every year thousand of Diyas are floated here to mark the safe return of the 6th Sikh Guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib. He returned from the captivity of Mughals and made possible the release of 52 Indian Kings along with him. People welcomed him with sweets and lit up the streets to express their happiness.

See your kids totally overwhelmed and mesmerised by the fireworks and the wave of happiness here. And yes don’t forget to plan an extra day just to explore the rich heritage and experience sheer patriotism at Wagah border nearby.

The Devi Diwali in Kolkatta:

Diwali or a day after Diwali is celebrated as the Devi Diwali in West Bengal. Also know as Kali Puja or Shyama Puja it celebrates the destruction of demons Shambhu and Nishamnhu. Goddess Durga herself took the Kaliavatara. She evoked such anger inside her that only Lord Shiva could save the world from complete destruction.

This is a powerful time to explore the old lanes and the aristocratic charm of this city by Hubli and the delicious rasgullas too.

The Krishna-Satyabama Diwali - A day before Diwali Tamil Naidu celebrates Diwali with rangoli and flowers. The houses are renovated and decorated to symbolise the victory of the good over the demonic King Narakasura.

A purifying bath next day with exotic herbs symbolizes a Ganga bath. It is followed with the cooking and serving of ‘Deepavali Lehiyan’. And the entire state is lit up with ‘Kuthu Vilaku’ or diyas.

Kids can experience the most traditional way of festivities in this state during Diwali, along with feasts like Poli.

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Mandira Adhikari Posted on Nov 12, 2018

This is such an informative post! Brought up in North India, I usually miss the original Kali Puja of the East.\r\nwww.docdivatraveller.com


Nisha Posted on Nov 12, 2018

Diwali is such a beautiful festival and it is celebrated throughout the nation in different ways. I have witnessed few and would love to experience more. Great article.


Purnima Posted on Nov 12, 2018

This blog is so great and informative. Thanks for letting us know different places where we can enjoy the festival of Diwali to the fullest. Happy Diwali :)


Stevemeack Posted on Nov 11, 2018

Hello. And Bye.


Judy Morris Posted on Nov 10, 2018

Wow I didn\'t know that there are so many variations in which Diwali celebrations. Will love to see Varanasi diwali and goa Krishna DIwali


Deepa Posted on Nov 10, 2018

I have seen golden temple Diwali of Amritsar but didn\'t experience others yet. Would love to experience others too. Thanks for sharing.


Neha Jain Posted on Nov 10, 2018

That was really nice knowing about how Diwali iscelebrated in different parts of India I would love to a part of every celebration enjoy the happiness of festival


Jhilmil D Saha Posted on Nov 10, 2018

This is amazing information. Its so good to know about the different ways of Diwali celebration across various parts of India.


Noor Anand Chawla Posted on Nov 09, 2018

How interesting! Being a sardarni, I was only aware of the Bandi Chor diwas celebrations in Amritsar, but had no clue of any others you have mentioned here. Thank you for sharing.


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