Sky Diving Experience, Dubai

Fasten Your Harness for an Awesome Lifetime Experience……

We spend all the time as a child envisaging the unrealistic and non-viable acts of the fantasy stories and here is the opportunity to get a bit of such once in a life time experience.

How about an ecstatic thrill of free fall in the sky, over a speed of 120miles/hour, from a height of about 13000 feet above sea-level which could be so intoxicating to mess up your mind ?!?

Yes, it’s all about "Sky-Diving", one of the craziest sport activities of today....

Certainly, jumping out of the plane at this speed and that height would not be someone’s idea on a normal day. To many it is a nightmare, but for some it is the biggest thrill of the life. One might dismiss it off saying it is Insane or Lunatic, but only the skydivers know what the birds would feel like from above.

Tandem has made this thrilling adventurous sport accessible to millions of dare devils worldwide. For the first-time jumpers, Tandem Skydiving is the safest. Here, you will not be jumping alone, a certified skydiving instructor will be with you at every step.

So, are you unflinchingly adventurous for an awesome lifetime experience? Then, here is the Modus Operandi –

Sky Diving In Dubai: KetchupMomsChoose a best drop zone – Suggestions - Tandem skydive is available at Interlaken, Switzerland, Fox Glacier New Zealand, Namib Dessert Namibia, Palm Jumeirah Dubai, Skydive Florida

Online booking - Go through their respective online booking portal and book a slot by paying a deposit amount. Make sure to read the requirements clearly before making the booking.

Arrive at the spot - On the day, be punctual and reach the spot in time . You will be spending 3-4 hours in preparing and training yourself before you undertake this exciting and electrifying experience.

Signing Waiver – As you reach, check at the reception. You will have multiple paperwork to complete, where in you basically sign-in your life away and waive off the Tandem of any liability in the event of any mishap – injury or death .You also agree not to sue them at all for any malfunctioning of the equipment or fatality. Primarily, you get geared to take the biggest risk of your life.

Meeting the requirements – You should be above 18yrs old, weighing within 90kgs and with a BMI less than 27. You should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs before the take off. You will have to fill in a detailed medical report as a part of the procedure to confirm that there are no physical infirmity, chronic ailment, or an injury of any nature.

Training Session - After a wait of an hour and a half, you will be called for a training session. Here you will be meet your instructor and the videographer allotted for you. The instructor will train you – jump, head back, bent knee, cross arms, one tap on shoulder is to open your arms and second tap is to bring your arm to chest and hold on to the parachute and so on. Then the videographer will meet you and give his instructions like – look up while jumping, look for his sign to look at the camera, turn to look at him and smile whenever he would fly aside you etc. Both these chaps are generally super friendly and will give you a feeling that the next 30 minutes of your life which includes the prime time in the sky is only and only with them.

Sky Dive: DubaiGetting ready – Some tandem spots give a jump suit to wear and some don’t. The instructor will fix the harness and later will test your understanding of the instructions once again. He would fix the diving goggles on the side of your arm and would tell you that he would make you wear that once you board the aircraft. Its then you will start feeling butterflies fluttering inside your stomach. Then the videographer will take an interview video asking you questions like how excited you are, and do you remember the instructions and are you ready to jump etc. By then, your heart and mind will start arguing with each other about the gutsy task you would be tackling in the next few minutes.

Boarding the aircraft - In about 20 mins, you will be walking towards the aircraft boarding area. You might either feel energized as if you are going to fight a war to save your nation or be probing yourself about your biggest venturesome. Then you would board the aircraft and sit on the bench inside. Once the aircraft takes off, you will realize that its time that you cannot go back or freak out even if you want to. You are set to fly. While you would be reconciling this fact, at a height of 10000 feet, the videographer might ask you “ How are you feeling and are you ready to fly?” You might find this interrogation very stupid, as everyone knows what a first-time jumper would feel at that point of time!!

As the aircraft climbs up , your heart might pump faster. You might curse yourself for taking this plucky risk. The thought of jumping out of the aircraft from that altitude might send shivers all over you. But, it’s fine to feel apprehensive. It is also a part of this marvelous experience. Just keep smiling and look out of the window. Consciously, do not let the fear within you to conquer the thrilling life time experience you are likely to get into.

Sky Dive in Palm Jumeirah: KetchupMomsTime to jump – At 13000 feet, the shutter goes up and your instructor will make you wear the diving goggles. He will nudge you towards the open door.

Standing at the open door and looking out at the vastness below, you might feel like having a nervous breakdown. But believe me, after a few seconds you will find no indisposition of mind or soul. You will be utterly bereft of pain, worry, anxiety or grief when you look at the beautiful earth. You will be mesmerized with the complete peace within yourself. You would feel that you possess the whole world. Cool air will rub your face at a speed of 200mph to welcome you to this heroic, intrepid adventure.

On your turn, you need to take the lead and jump. Follow all the instructions. The free-fall will be for 60 seconds. The first few seconds will be blurry and hazy due sensory glut and once you reach a momentum, it will be implausible. You will be floating in the cushion of air and it is a stupendo-fantabulous moment of your life. Live every bit of these moments. Soon, you will spot your videographer, who will be flying aside you, capturing you in this bliss. Then, the videographer will disappear and so will you along with your instructor. In a while, the parachute will be launched, and you will be flying up in the air enjoying the ravishing earth.

Landing after Sky Diving: KetchupMomsDo not close your eyes. You have gone all the way up there and you must relish and revel every bit. There is no other way that you can see this wonderful world from that altitude unless you do the freefall and fly from parachute thereon. So, do not miss-out on this exhilarating view! The instructor will spin the parachute 3-4 times left to right and vice versa and you will be rotating around . It is super fun and you would not want to stop flying.

Landing- After 8-10 minutes in the sky, you will be guided to land. While landing, it is advisable to lift your feet up by holding your knees from below. This will ensure a smooth landing.

Hurray!! You have done it …..!!! You might feel that you are in the top of the world and have brought the unrealistic and the non-viable act of the fantasy stories to real.

Though you might not have enough words to express , you will not stop talking about this forever in the rest of the life.

Infact, it is "Once In a Lifetime Experience". Ask me about it……I can go on and on….

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Dileep Balakrishnan Posted on Jul 20, 2018

Very descriptive and informative, but more on the instructive side.. Would appreciate a sequel to this article about understanding and management of your feelings about your experience before and after the ride


Indu Srimal Posted on Jul 20, 2018

I just loved reading every bit of it ....I will keep in mind while making my travelling plans.... really good post

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Deepa Dwarkanath Posted on Jul 19, 2018

Wonderfully written .. got butterflies while reading itself. Have got a virtual experience while reading it and hats off to all those brave hearts who are game for it

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