Fighting Sickness with Soup, Salts & the Me Reader!

So I finally know why bears hibernate. Because they know that a season change means children will be down with viral flu and will pass it to the entire family. I kid you not, if you ever ask a Momma Bear, this is exactly what you will hear back. Having been grounded in my house for the last week with my sick twins, I am more than convinced about it. However as I don’t have the luxury to sleep things off, I found simple ways to fight sickness. All it takes is soup, healing salts, self-reading devices and a lot of patience. Yes this High Five is all about appreciating these simple health soldiers around us.

Soup: I love soup, even in the summer, yes that is something I have in common with my father-in-law and now my kids. So with so much cold and cough swarming around in my house I reached out for its healing touch. Soups are easy to digest, easy to feed and super easy to make. They keep you warm, full and load you up on nutrition too. This past week I have made clear chicken soup, kala channa (Bengal Gram whole) soup, sweet potato soup and carrots and spinach soup too. I promise to share a Soupy article covering the recipes to all of these soon. 

As of now sharing the recipe of Sweet potato and Pumpkin Soup.
2 tbsp chopped pumpkins
1 1/2 tbsp chopped sweet potatoes
2 pods of garlic (chopped fine)
salt to taste
crushed black pepper
small piece of cinnamon
3 cups of water

Just boil all of this together.
Let the mixture cool and churn in a mixer
Your delicious, thick soup is ready to keep you warm and nurture you back to health. Kids especially love this soup because it is sweet in taste.

Self-reading books: Sick 4 year olds are like monkeys in the zoo. They are irritable, sad and down most of the time, but after the fever is down, it is impossible to keep them from jumping. So I tried, television (but then you need to ration the time right?). Colouring came next and reading books followed. But what I absolutely loved was a ‘MeReader’ gifted to my twins by their Aunt.

It comes with a set of 6 books and easy to follow instructions. You just have to choose the book, follow the signs on top of the pages, press the corresponding buttons and voilà the reader reads the book to you. Thank you Puneeta this was a saviour when it came to fighting sickness. And if you want to pick these, hit e-bay now.

Vicks VapoRub: I have grown up on its menthol and camphor fragrance. Well if you have been following my articles you would know that I grew up in the hills of India, yes the exotic Himalayas. Which meant someone or the other was always down with cold. I remember my mom would give a sick me, turmeric milk to drink at night, and then she used to rub this ointment on my nose, temples, neck and chest. It instantly provided relief from blocked nose and helped me breathe easy. It was all the more effective if used with boiling hot water for steam. Yes just add a spoonful in your steamer next time. Tried and tested and approved by my twins.

Bio-Chemical Salts: Honestly between you and me I am a big allopathic medicine fan, I will just pop that pill and feel great in a minute. But having lived with my mom-in-law for over 15 years now I can swear she heals herself with nothing but Bio-chemic salts. She inherited this knowledge from her father. She keeps researching and reading about it. I know they work because my kids had no teething issues, none, thanks to these salts.

So yes I have been giving the twins Crocin for fever but apart from that I am also giving them BIO-COMBINATION 6, of these Homoeopathic medicines. 2 tablets every morning, after. It has helped in fighting sickness-cold and cough. From what I have gathered these medicines are simply a combination of salts like Ferrum Phos, Magnesia, Natrum Sulph etc, salts our body is composed of. So they have no side-effects.

Well if the kids grand mom says so I better listen up!

Patience and a cup of Kawa: In India we have a lot of house help so looking after the kids is not physically straining. But mentally it can be taxing looking after two highly cranky kids who are trying to fight sickness with full sincerity. So one needs to stock up on patience and your favourite drink. I am a tea drinker, blame it on the hills again. And I love the traditional Kashmiri Tea called Kawa, which is full of health benefits.

As I finish sharing my little tidbits with you, I can feel the warm days of sun on my back and I am tempted to just curl up and take a small nap. Before my twins wake up. So goodbye from me. And we would love to know how you fight sickness or rather how do you smile through it!

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Artie Posted on Jul 21, 2018

I lilrtaley jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!


Joy Priginal Posted on Feb 18, 2016

I'm certified vicks addict haha. I grew up with it. Until now I never leave our house without having it inside my bag:)


Samantha C. Posted on Feb 18, 2016

Vicks Vaporub always had a childhood imprint on me. I am reminded of the times mom cared for me when I was sick. It's great to learn alternatives too! Thanks for the post


heyleelay Posted on Feb 17, 2016

I love love love soups too! It's the only thing I eat when I am sick. Vicks is also a nice remedy. :)


sabine Posted on Feb 17, 2016

Wow, this looks really like a structured plan to fight illness. Great that you use "mother nature" rather than chemicals to cure illness. Big fan of this post!


Capers rouge Posted on Feb 17, 2016

Thanks Ma , you always care for us before yourself ! Happy women's day :)


travelingmind2anywhere Posted on Feb 17, 2016

Soups are the best approach for sick children because it is not easy to make them eat when they do not have an appetite. I love soups and I use my handy-dandy blender when I make purees for my soups.


Himanshi Lydia Singh Posted on Feb 17, 2016

Dear Charu, a very informative blog post. i have added ot my to do list when when kids need them.


ROBERT LEE Posted on Feb 17, 2016

Soup is not a great idea, but it works! And... VICKS VAPORUB! Parents with young children all have them... I am sure of that.


brendaandersonfitness Posted on Feb 01, 2016

Thanks for the tips! I've been good with the soups, but I never thought of putting Vick's VapoRub in with boiling water. How smart! I know about the TV. I hate it being on all day, but it is tough when they are that sick. I appreciate the post. Thank you!


Aysh Siddiqua Posted on Feb 01, 2016

I hadn't heard about the salts before. It is really interesting... I guess i'll have to find out more next time I am in India! :D Love the soup recipe too. We have a similar version that we love. Hope your kiddo gets well soon.

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