Five uniquely special things that you can do with your children this Diwali!

As a mother of a preschooler, I was wondering what activities can I do this Diwali with my kid, which would be full of fun for him as well as give him an insight into the values that we can learn from the festivals. Here are a few of them, which I am trying with my three year old and I hope you can try these with your kids spanning different age groups.

diwali activity

1. House cleaning: I know it must be shocking for some of you, but believe me collective cleaning activities could lead to lot of fun and excitement for young ones. Kids would learn the sense of hygiene, importance of maintaining their surroundings on their own, and inculcate a sense of collaborative effort in them.

2. Art and Craft: Diwali, as a festival, is all about decorating your house to the best of your abilities. We wander around the market to look for new things to glitter up our homes. Why don’t we harness the creativity of our own children for this purpose. We can paint and decorate diyas, make bandhanvaars, swirls, and many decorative items with them. We can create lot of decorative stuff with them with activities like paper-mache, beads and strings. Let this Diwali be an occasion where you proudly display your children’s creativities at home.

3. Preparing home-made sweets: I know it is tad too easy to go out and buy a box of sweets for festivities, considering how hectic, our lives have become. But believe me, we have numerous easy sweet making recipes which will help us in avoiding extra expenditure and ensuring we are consuming healthier sweets. We are already actively fighting against food adulteration on this group, so this would even ensure that. Try even making simple kheer at home and tell your children, you need help for that, you would see they will come rushing to you. You can show them different steps, give them small tasks like measuring sugar and flour, taking out dry fruits, kneading balls to make ladoos and so on. This is surely, a rocking activity hands on working activity!

diwali craft

4. Donate liberally: Diwali is an occasion of giving gifts to your loved ones. We spend thousands on buying gifts for friends and family, and frankly speaking we are not the ones who need these gifts. Don’t we have the responsibility towards those who needs these gifts most. It is very important that we in-still this responsibility towards society in our children from young age. Create customized gift boxes for domestic helpers with the help of your children and tell your children to give it to them from their own hands, and thank them for helping them in their daily lives. You can even plan a trip to some orphanage or any other place and tell your children to distribute gifts and sweets there. Watch as your children will get the pleasure from putting smile on others’ face! Let them see that unity and brotherhood are not just words but are practised as well.

5. Remain eco-friendly: I know it is hard for many of us to imagine Diwali without crackers. But now we are in the age where we can’t afford to degrade our environment any further because we are already walking on the edge. I have not touched crackers since I was 12 years old so believe me it is not that hard! Making children aware about bad effects of crackers as early as possible, would be good for them as well. Plan other fun activities like family games with them to fill your festival with joyousness. Also, in lieu of glittering our houses, we waste so much electricity. Instead light up some candles during evening and switch off decorative lights during night.

I hope this Diwali, be a festival full of splendor and enlightenment for all of us! Wishing all the readers a very happy Diwali!

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Rumpa Khanna Posted on Oct 10, 2017

Beautiful write up with practical suggestions.looking forward to practice some with my kids this Diwali.

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Charu Chhitwal Posted on Oct 09, 2017

very well said....involving kids during diwali, or for that matter for any festivals, will help them understand the importance of these festivals and thereby make them appreciate it in a better way.



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