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10 Best Food Cities In India For Kids

The fragrance of food was the only way to wake-up Kumbhakarna, during the historical battle of Srilanka between Lord Rama and Demon King Ravana. Is this food tale the highlight of the Ramayana for your little champs? Then we suggest you follow our leads to the 10 Best Food Cities In India For Kids. 

A brief history of food love for the kids: 

In India the importance of food and its healing effects have long been chronicled in the Vedas. Food was seen as the nurturer, healer and provider. Prayers were recited before taking the first bite. In fact in many Indian households, even today, food is first offered to the God or Deity as 'Bhog', and only then is consumed by the family. Here is a beautiful Sanskrit Shloka on the significance of food, its offering and its consumption. 

" Annam Brahmann

 Aham cha Brahmann- 

Bhokthaa cha Brahmann "

 Food is God. I - who serve the food to my guests is also God. The Guest who eats the food is also God. 

Indian tour for kids is incomplete without introducing them to these treats from different states.

In India we worship Goddess Annapurna as the God of Food. Legend goes that once over a dice game Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvati had a major disagreement on the importance of food. Lord Shiva dismissed Food as 'Maya' or just 'Illusion'. Goddess Parvati took this as a personal insult, citing that calling Food an illusion, was dismissing her entire existence. Angered, she disappeared from the world. Only when she saw people and animals suffering without food, did she return to the world. Since then she is worshipped as Goddess Annapurna. 

But honestly we don't really have anything as 'Indian Food' per say. For the uninitiated, India is a vast land and almost every part of India has a different cuisine along with traditions, clothes and language. The food in India can go from the more sweet and subtle Gujrati thali to the hot Chettinad flavours. The spices could be deep fried like in the Punjabi food or boiled for the effect in Kashmiri wazwan. In fact a lot of Indian food has been influenced by the traders, invaders and settlers of various regions. Saffron was brought in by the Greeks and Romans. Zoroastrians inspired the birth of today's Parsi food. And till the Portuguese introduced the Indians to refined sugar, only natural sweeteners like fruit and honey were used. 

Indian tour for kids is incomplete without introducing them to these treats from different states.

Whatever the origin or the history of Food in India might be. Today a good Indian tour for kids is incomplete without introducing them to these treats from different states. 

1) Paranthas, Chaat and Tandoori Chicken In Delhi: There is nothing on this earth that a good Delhi cook cannot fill into a wheat dough. From boiled potatoes, eggs, cauliflowers, minced chicken, radish to leftover lentils. Everything is filled in, flattened and fried in pure desi ghee. Add to this a good masala chai or a thick bowl of curd and some spicy Achaar/pickle. And your kids will never want anything else again. Until and unless of course it is the pani poori with the tangy, sweet water inside or the Tandoori Chicken with the chaat masala. A trip to the legendery Karim's, Mughlai food restaurant in Old Delhi is a must to let your kiddos taste the old-world culinary expertise. And Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk is surely not to be missed. 

Highlight: Visit Prem Kumar at Ganesh Restaurant, 2298, Gurudwara Road Chowk Karol Bagh New Delhi India. Let your kids watch in surprise as he fries fish with his bare hands. 

Indian tour for kids is incomplete without introducing them to these treats from different states.

2) Lassi Chole and Guru Ka Langar at Amritsar: Amritsar is a sacred city and is blessed with the beautiful Golden Temple. This city is known for people with mammoth hearts and equally big food palates. Little wonder then that your kids will be mesmerised by the delicious street-foods of Amritsar. This city wakes you up with a tall glass of Lassi and then food keeps rolling in from kulche, pindi-de-chhole, chicken, kebabs to dal makhani. Followed by sweets like Jalebi, Kulfi or the Amritsari version - Kulfa, Gulab Jamun and more. The old city of Amritsar is a food journey you will crave for again and again. The Kesar da dhaba, Kahna Sweets and Brothers Dhaba are iconic eating-joints operating since decades.

Highlights: The Golden Temple has a Guru Ka Langar or the community kitchen that one must visit. The food here is prepared by volunteers for several hundreds of people everyday. It is estimated that on a normal day more than 75,000 dharshan-seekers eat here. This noble tradition was started by the first Guru of Sikhs himself, Guru Nanak Ji. Take your kids there, so they taste humility, love and inclusiveness. 

3) Lucknow for Tunday Kababs & Biryani : A visit to Lucknow without tasting Awaidhi Biryani or pulao as the locals call it is blasphemous. Add to it the variety of kababs in this town from seekh to Shammi to Tunde and its is every non-vegetarian kid's dream come true. Famous places you must not miss are Idris for Biryani  and Chhapan Bhog for chaat and Tunday Kababi in Aminabad. 

Highlights: Legend goes that the Tunde Kebabs were invented by a one-arm chef Haji Murad Ali for a nobleman without teeth. 

Indian tour for kids is incomplete without introducing them to these treats from different states.

4) Kashmir for Goshtaba, Yakhini, Phirini, breads like Girda, Chochwor: Heaven is on earth in Kashmir if you get to taste a typical wazwan in a traditional wedding celebration. No less than 36 dishes are cooked and savoured together with friends and family. The kids will particularly love the sweet curd based Goshtaba or meat balls and Yakhini.  But the breads in Kashmir will keep them asking for more. There are sweet Kulcha, Kulchas with khuskhus, salty Shirmal and more. 

Highlights: A warm and flavourful drink called Kahwa is a healthy way to keep the kids warm in winters. It is a rich concoction of saffron, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves along some dry fruits like almonds, and is known ti improve digestion. 

Indian tour for kids is incomplete without introducing them to these treats from different states.

5) Chocolates in Ooty: This hill-station in Ooty is counted amongst the best chocolate-destinations around the world, along with Belgium and Switzerland. Every street, corner and smallest shop here has home-made version of this heart-melting treat. They come with nuts, in tea, as white, dark or just plain milky. A trip to Ooty is sure to turn the young travellers into Chocolate connoisseurs.

Highlights:  There is a M & N Chocolate Museum on the outskirts of Ooty that you can visit with your kids. 

6) Kolkutta for roshgullas and Macher Jhol: Calcutta or Kokutta is a rich symbol of heritage and culture. The city has a relaxed vibe to it and the trams and afternoon siestas just add to it. But food and festivities bring it alive and especially for kids with a sweet-tooth. But to begin with, the city loves its fish and Macher Jhol is iconic and almost made at every meal. The Chaats and Jhalmuri and Mishti Doi are a must. But truly the Sandesh and iconic spongy Rasgullas or Rashogullas are something to devour. 

Highlights: K.C. Grandson, a sweet shop in Lake Town belongs to the family of Nobin Chandra Das, who is known as the inventor of Roshgullas. Interestingly, the people from Orissa state of India, claim a stake to the invention of Rasgullas. In fact the story goes that Lord Jagannath offered Rasgullas to his wife Goddess Lakshmi as penance for not taking her along on the Rath Yatra through Puri. 

7) Momo or Thukpa in Sikkim: Think of beautiful hills and lovely music-filled holidays for your kids. Add some kids' fav. foods like momos and noodles and you know Sikkim is your place. The momos or dumplings were originally made with chicken fillings. Today you can even opt for cheese/paneer, seasonal vegetables or just some tofu. Thupka is the other thing that your little one will love as it is a noodle soup with eggs and veggies and your choice of meat. But the surprise favourite might turn out to be Sha Phaley, a deep-fried preparation of bread with chicken filling.

Highlights: For best food in Sikkim the locals recommend The Roll house, The Golden Dragon Hotel and The Taste of Tibet in Gangtok. 

Indian tour for kids is incomplete without introducing them to these treats from different states.

8) Dhoklas, Khakras and Aamras: Make sure your children get to taste a typical Gujrati thali. In fact it might be the closest Ayurvedic way of eating, sweets first. The kadi, daal and even vegetable have a little sweet taste to it. But this cuisine is a vegetarian kid's delight. Crispy Fafda, healthy Handvo and juicy khandvi are instant hits with foodies. And the delicious rich Aamras is too tempting to pass off.

Highlights: The typical sweet Gujrati dish Aamras or Keri no Ras made of sugar and mango pulp is enjoyed with roti or poori.

9) Rasam, Dosa and Mysore Pak: Kids love potatoes and they love crispy Mysore dosas with potato fillings. Add a tasty Rasam to that aand you have a great healthy meal option. But Mysore is also known for the idlis, gun-powders, bondas and crisp chakkalis. Of course for sweet dish, the kids have the famous Mysore Pak to taste. And for you we recommend a good filter coffee. 

Highlights: In the Royal Kitchen of Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV, Mysore Pak was invented by a cook called Kakasura Madappa. 

Indian tour for kids is incomplete without introducing them to these treats from different states.

10) Kerala Prawn Curry, Malabar Paranthas and Appam with Chicken Curry: Ok so Kerala cuisine is hot and spicy and the typical curry dishes that westerners like to call Indian food. Kerala is a beautiful state that is known for its backwaters and the spices it grows. Little wonder then that the spices like black pepper, chillies, mustard seeds and curry leaves find their way into this cuisine. But kids can still lap up the Malabar paranthas with Egg curry or the sweet and soft Appam rolls with a mild Chicken curry. 

Highlights: Kerala houseboats are a great way to taste the Kerala beauty and fresh sea-food. 

I hope you will thoroughly enjoy India, if you set out on this food trail with your kids. On the way they get to learn new languages, soak in the visions of rice-fields to saffron crops to the walnut orchards. Of course there is a lot more to Indian food, if may call it. Like the Madra in Himachal, Haleem in Hyderabad and the Bajre ki roti in Rajasthan. May be we will cover it in another post, so keep tuned. Meanwhile if you are looking for some Travel ideas with kids, we suggest Places that are vanishing, Taragarh Palampur, Chandigarh, Bhrigu Lake Trek, 24 hours in Delhi

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Snigdha Prusti Posted on Nov 28, 2017

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