8 foods that are essential for your kid’s healthy smile!

Did you know that one of the earliest advertisements for toothpaste ridiculed people who used charcoal to clean their teeth? And surprise, surprise after the latest salt in toothpaste fad, charcoal is the new miracle-cleanser that toothpaste are claiming to have as their main ingredient.

So it is high time we stop falling for these marketing and advertising gimmicks and use our common sense, family advice and scientific explanations when it comes to our health. We all know oral hygiene means rinsing, flossing, brushing our teeth, avoiding sugar and sugary drinks, tobacco and even teeth-staining coffee. But how many of us follow the healthy-teeth diet for healthy gums and strong teeth of our family? I am sure our teeth are beyond repair but our kids could do with some wisdom and a healthy smile.

So here is what I have gathered over the years and which I have supported through some research on the net.

1. Saliva is your mouth’s best-friend. 95% of saliva is water that is how it helps to dilute the sugar and its adverse effect on your teeth. It is a natural cleanser and rinse hence restricting bacteria growth and cavities in your mouth.

2. Food that sticks is an absolute no-no for your kid’s teeth. Lollipops, sticky-jaws and eclairs are pure cavity producers.

3. This one comes straight from my dentist. According to him post sunset kids should not have sugar, sugary drinks or packaged foods with preservatives.

4. Chewing food well enables your body to absorb nutrients better. Equally important is the fact that chewing keeps your teeth stronger and plaque free. And gives you a healthy smile.

5. Slow-snacking is injurious to health. When gorging on chips, packaged juice etc make sure you eat them quickly and rinse your mouth well.

Now for the sparkling clean and healthy teeth, these are your kid’s best bet:

Kiwi/Oranges/Grapefruits or other Vitamin C rich fruits: They are high in water content and full of Vitamin C. These fruits ensure good health of your gums, reduce inflammation and prevent gum disorders like Gingivitis. My daughter loves citrus fruits but I give these to her with a big meal or at least make her rinse her mouth with water post that. Why? Remember we do not need too much acid formation in the mouth.

Chicken: Teeth need minerals to keep healthy. Bacteria that are present in our mouth are living organisms and they feed off the food that we consume and turn that into acid. It is this acid that corrodes the minerals in our teeth. And food like chicken and other meats re-deposit these minerals like calcium and phosphorus into our teeth. However flossing and brushing teeth post a chicken or meat meal is a good idea to wash the hidden food from in-between teeth.

Cheese: Now it explains why mice can cut through all kind of weaves and wood and what not. It is the cheese! Although Cheese is somewhat sticky, it is great for your tooth enamel. It pulls out any leftovers in-between the teeth, refills the minerals and protects against decay. Plus that healthy smile, remember!

Milk: Just like bones, teeth benefit from the calcium in milk and milk products.

Vitamin D rich food like mushrooms and fish: Vitamin D is vital for calcium absorption. So fish is as good for your jaw as it is for your brain it seems. For its chicken like texture fish is easy to introduce and be liked by kids. That is half the battle won I say.

Raisins: Now this should be really easy to add to your munchkin’s diet. Put it in their cereals, granola bars, pies or just let them chew a handful. Although raisins are sweet they are so naturally, unlike table sugar. So they do not cause enamel wear-off, cavities or decay.

An apple a day keeps the dentist away: So does a pear, guava, cucumber, carrots, radish etc. All these are crunchy and high on water.Thus they help dilute their own sugar effects, create more saliva and hence protect against acid formation or food getting caught between teeth.

Water: Yes Water! It helps to dilute the acidic effects of food that we eat. It generates more saliva and hence keeps our mouth healthy. It naturally rinses and cleanses our gums and slows degeneration or decay of the same.

I sure am guilty of doing many things wrong with my teeth and have even blamed it on my genes. But I want to be less experimental and lazy with my kid’s teeth. Responsible parenting? Well a bit of that and a bit of smart parenting too. Remember, it is me who has to foot the bill this time round. Just saying!

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Charu Chhitwal Posted on Sep 14, 2015

Thank you Sonya


Sonya Keshwani Posted on Sep 12, 2015

I love all your natural solutions for those little life problems! Great post!

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Chandra mani Posted on Sep 08, 2015

Good to re infirce tops one is aware of but not applied so far. Thanks

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