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Happy Holi with DIY Home-made Colours

For those of you new to this Indian festival, Holi, it is the most colourful day on earth. No wonder we celebrate it in full force in India. And if you have kids, I suggest DIY Home-made colours. Different parts of India have different rituals and ways to celebrate it, like hitting men with sticks or taking aim at each other with stones (not pebbles). But the most popular and safer way is playing with colours and water.

Imagine a pool party with paints and dry colours. Yes, that! Only millions of people playing it across a nation, simultaneously.

I suggest DIY Home-made colours. As a kid I looked forward to Holi. It was the day when our parents surprisingly turned daring, forgiving and fun. The most serious-looking Uncle also looked harmless with the worst Holi colours smeared on him. And the Aunties? Well, not only did they dress in beautiful whites they even looked forward to getting drenched. Most of the houses and streets replicated the colourful scenes from Indian Madhubani Paintings. The high-on-hormones teenage boys would mistake themselves to be Lord Krishna himself. And needless to say, all the girls danced and sang like Radha.  Google ‘Rang Barse’ and you’ll know what I mean.

Even food was and is as colourful and playful. Believe you me, Bhaang, a mild preparation of marijuana is commonly added in different sweet dishes or cooling drinks at neighbourhood parties. But before we get to food let’s I suggest DIY Home-made colours. talk colours.

Although Holi has a strong religious connotation to it, I personally feel we celebrate the blooming of the flowers - red, white, yellow colours all around us. So you can go fully natural with rose, marigold, nasturtium flower petals instead of artificial colour.

But if you like bright colours then play it safe with home-made stuff. Most of the following methods will even give your skin a healthy makeover. And most of these ingredients are easy to find in your kitchen or your closest ethnic foods store.

How to make your own homemade colours (use them dry or mixed in water):

Orange - Add orange coloured sindoor (vermillion) to flour.
I suggest DIY Home-made colours. Green-Use Henna powder with flour. Or add it to water. Boil neem leaves in water and leave it overnight. Find a beautiful deep green colour in the morning. Oh and did I forget to tell you that Neem leaves are very beneficial for your skin? 

I suggest DIY Home-made colours. Yellow - Wow! Imagine a colour that will leave you glowing, yes you guessed it. Add Haldi (Turmeric) to a pile of Besan or just plain flour and enjoy the beautiful yellow colour.

I suggest DIY Home-made colours. Red and Pink – Add Red Sindoor (Vermillion) powder to flour and paint the town red. If you use little less colour you will have a pretty pink colour too.
Add 1tbsp of Red Sandalwood powder in a litre of water and boil. Then dilute it and have a blast. I suggest DIY Home-made colours.
Also the peels of pomegranate boiled in water will give you a deep red shade.

Magenta - Get ready to rejuvenate your skin while playing Holi. Grate one Beet Root along with its skin into 1ltr. of water for pretty magenta colour. Boil it if you want a deeper and darker shade.

This Holi go green and let your kids enjoy a safe and a truly colourful festival.  

For some delicious Indian cooking we suggest you try our Tandoori Chicken, Rice Kheer or even Makki ki roti. 

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Very interesting way of making halwa. It must have tasted amazing with that caramel.


Malibu Mama Loves Posted on Mar 24, 2016

LOVE this post, thank you for sharing! I am going to try this with my kids, we love to celebrate different cultures! Keep up the amazing work! Malibu Mama Loves Xx


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Sumeet Posted on Mar 01, 2015

Happy Holi!


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