Switch to Chakki Flour & Join Amitabh Bachchan for happiness

I shudder to think how cave mothers survived. What no play schools, shopping malls, play areas, CCTV Cameras, nannies and mobiles, like really! Motherhood is so much easier with pre-cooked meals in the shopping cart and robots cleaning our houses. Having said that, a neighbourhood flour mill made me rethink about going back to some basics in life. Especially because fighting Food Adulteration is the new high in my life. So here are my High Five for the week: healthy, honest and happiness-inducing.

Freshly ground wheat flour: In simple terms I understand that whole wheat flour has more fibre than white flour or white wheat flour. Although they are both made by grinding wheat berry, in whole wheat the bran and germ is retained while in white flour they are subtracted. No wonder the health-conscious are happy when eating whole wheat cupcakes.


In Indian cuisine, wheat is a very important part of our meal because it is used in phulka, parantha or poories and they accompany all meals. No guesses then that the big brands making flour in the market always use terms like 100% wheat flour to sell their product. But recently thanks to my husband we decided to experiment with a neighbourhood flour mill. We chose 8kg of dried wheat berry, added 1kg gram pulse and 1kg maize. Needless to say the twins were mesmerised to see the grinding process. 

Was it worth the effort? Yes. for just half an hour of that extra effort we got fibre-rich, nutrition-loaded, pure whole wheat which smells fresh, rustic and you can taste the grain. A definite High Five.

Christmas Goodies: The girls at Ravishing Treats have started rolling out the Christmas goodies and I don’t have the heart to gobble such stunningly yummy looking food. But I am sure these are going to put my twins into a festive spirit and I can so see them singing ‘Jingle bells, Jingle Bells’. Happy Christmas already folks.

Getting dirty with the girls: I have never been on a sports team, not even as an extra. But believe it or not I am on the parents (all girls) team for a DPS League championship, Gurgaon. And I am loving it. Although my muscles are aching and bones are crumbling. But when on the field, I feel the adrenaline rush and an unknown sportswoman takes over my mind and my body. Am I good? Far from that, but I wake up happy and more energetic.

Kitchen Garden veggies: KetchupMoms, High Five, Healthy, GrainsWhen was the last time you stood in the middle of a field with fresh veggies smiling back at you? Crunchy radish, healthy green spinach & yummy salad leaves, rabbit-pleasing carrots and fresh coriander. Organic heaven is it not. Oh pluck them with your bare fingers and feel your soul getting refreshed.

Amitabh Bachchan’s revelation: Amitabh Bachchan is Bollywood.
But this week to garner support and more awareness for Hepatitis B, he revealed his medical secret. This action superhero has almost lost 75% for his liver due to the Hepatitis-infected blood he received during an operation. His words and his presence gives hope to lakhs of patients suffering from Hepatitis B. Amitabh Bachchan is the UNICEF ambassador for ‘Hepatitis B’ awareness programme and now the world knows why.

I just got back from my practice and have just about time to go pick up my kids before I get ready to sprint off to a grand Indian Wedding. Yes, it is the season. Season, you ask? Well in India we marry only during a certain auspicious time, decided by the stars. More on it in another article.

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