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Winter holidays have just started here in India. So has the search for activities to keep kids engaged and happy. But believe it or not it seems that the year end has planned the activity calendar personally for me. How else can you explain these holiday hacks that are falling right into my living room? One after another. Believe me 2015 is ending on a rather creative note for me and the munchkins. And in between continues the good news of brands coming up with solutions to save the planet.

So lets start with the good news:

Adidas 3D printable shoes made from trash from the ocean: We at KetchupMoms discovered the wonders of 3D printing around the same time last year. We discovered the use of 3D skulls and the deliciousness of Food printers. Yet the promise of Adidas 3D printable shoes is far more important, because of its planet changing and saving properties. Although a prototype yet, these sneakers made of fishing nets, recycled polyester and plastic dumped in our oceans are sure to be lapped up.

Now why is this on a holiday hack list you ask? Well just get the kids to scan newspapers every morning for such planet-friendly news. One, they will understand the importance of a newspaper. Two, they can collect these to make a little project file to share with their classmates.

2) Tetra Pak Doll House: So my twins had a ‘take and talk’ activity in their class on their favourite toy. That was not the difficult part, that the toy had to be made at home was a herculean task. But god bless social media and Pinterest in particular, for opening the gates of creativity for moms like me. On earlier occasions at KetchupMoms we have made Tetra Pak bird house and bowling game, but motivated me to try my hands at making a doll house.

Trust me, my twins and I had a blast creating our doll house, we even improvised with a garage and a paper lamp in the doll’s bedroom. And this is what they said “I love my doll house because my dolls and LEGO friends can live in its bedroom and their car is safe in the garage”. Either you could spend the day making it with your munchkin or better still have your elder one guide him/her.

3) Disney Film Bambi: Coincidentally we introduced our twins to the famous kid’s film from 1942 Bambi on the same day I came across this newspaper clipping about Donnie Dunagan, the voice of Bambi.

This animation film Bambi is a soft depiction of a fawn’s story. One that starts on his, Bambi’s birth and ends at his twin babies birth. In between Bambi learns to walk, makes friends, loses his mother to the hunter (suggested with a gun shot and not visually stressful as many scenes in The Good Dinosaur were), falls in love with Faline and becomes worthy of being the ‘prince’. An absolute watch with your family during holidays. 

4) Scholastic’s book- A Colour of his own: This beautiful book about a Chameleon searching for his true colour, makes for a perfect read for young kids. It teaches them how what ultimately matters is love and friendship.

My husband loves to read this book with amazing watercolours to our kids. You can pick this picture book from Scholastic store online or Amazon. Turn story reading time into an imagination hub!

5) Trolley mats out of an old skirt: Yes back when I had a waist, I literally lived in this floral white and blue skirt. And then it joined the stack of ‘when I lose weight and fit into’, clothes. It just lay there for a good 5 years till I decided to let it go.

But then my mom-in-law let her creative juices flow and next I see these beautiful trolley mats. So tea times have become sunny, bright and floral I say. So what all can you dig out of your kid’s or your own wardrobe? A bag, a pencil pouch, a stole, table mats and even cushion covers are waiting to be designed out of your finds. Brilliant holiday hacks or time pass, whatever you want to call it.

I am sure as sharp as you parents are, you would have thought of 100 other holiday hacks. Please feel free to share them with us at And if there is anything that you absolutely loved reading here, do let us know in the comment box below. Off for a holiday now, but promise to let you in on what to do with kids in Thailand!

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